book launch: Currys

I have so many cookbooks at home but often forget to search them for recipes when I don't know what to cook. So for 2015 I would like to cook every recipe from one book. So I choose the cookbook 'Currys' for my project because every recipe look so delicious and curries are my favourite dish ^___^

book cover
book information
publisher: Zabert Sandmann Verlag (Germany)
language: German
edition: 1st (Jan. 2014)

The book consists of four chapters:
  • Curries with vegetables
  • Curries with fish
  • Curries with meat
  • side dishes, chutneys & Co.

Here are the recipes:
(I will link every recipe I have already cook)

Curries with vegetables:
vegetables curry with coriander and chili
potatoe curry with red lentils
lentils with beans and tofu
potatoe curry with pumpkin and peanuts
spicy pumpkin curry with soybean sprouts
lentil-dal with mixed vegetables
lentil-dal with courgette and carrots
pumpkin curry with tomatoes
green vegetable curry with mushrooms
savoy cabbage curry wuth chili and coconut
cauliflower curry with courgette and carrots
lentil-dal with tomatoes
potatoe curry with yam roots
sweets potatoe curry with mushrooms
cauliflower curry with paprika and lentils
vegetable curry with baby corn
green tofu curry with thau aubergines
vegetable curry with paprika and couscous
vegetable curry with potatoes
potatoe curry with tomatoes and courgette
egg curry with tomatoes
vegetable curry with peas and mushrooms
sweet potatoe curry with spiced yogurt
chickpeas curry with ginger and chili
cocnut-lentil-rice with lemon grass

curries with fish:
shrimp curry with cocktail tomatoes
fish curry with seafood
sheatfish curry with white cabbage
shrimp curry with sugar snaps
curry-shrimps with curcuma and banana
seafood-curry with shrimps and mango
fish-potatoe-curry with pumpkin
venus shells with goan sauce
green seafood curry with spinach and lime
salmon-coconut-curry with egg noodles
fish curry with shiitake mushrooms
curry fish rolls on basmati rice
salmon curry with lemon grasss
shrimp curry with ginger and almonds
caribbean fish curry with coconut and shrimps
fish curry with courgette
redfish in spicy sauce

curries with meat:
chicken curry thai style
coconut chicken with almonds and saffron
chicken with cashewnuts
duck durry with paprika
chicken curry with sugar snaps
chicken curry with nuts and banana
sherry chicken with paprika and garlic
chicken curry with chili and curry leaves
green chciken curry with chili and coriander
chicken curry with basmati rice
red chicken curry with tomatoes
chicken masala with fenurgreek
pork curry with yellow vegetables
pork curry with potatoes and nuts
beef curry with bamboo sprouts
beef curry with thai aubergines
beef curry with thai-basil
lamb curry with apricots
pork with pineapple
lamb curry with vegetables
lamb curry with sultanas
lamb curry with spinach and yogurt
lamb-korma with cashew nuts
lamb curry with cardamom
mincemeat curry with peas

side dishes, chutneys & Co.:
cauliflower salad with chickpeas
tomatoe-raita with chili and mustard seets
tomato salad with red onions
cucumber-raita with ginger and mint
spiced rice with sultanas and almonds
fried cauliflower with chili-dip
potatoes with sesame and chili
aubergines with peanut-sauce
aubergines with potatoes and spinach
carrot salad with little oat cakes
chickpeas with tomatoes
yogurt-herbs-sauce with chili
figs chutney with shallots
tamarinds chutney with sultanas
pumpkin dices with vanilla syrup
curry pastes 


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