August 14, 2016

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Shinjuku & Harajuku

Today we decided to go to Shinjuku because we wanted to search a shop for a friend and Kiki found out, that there was another DaTuRa store in the Lumine Est at Shinjuku Station, so she wanted to check if this shop has her wished dresses.

After some irritation we found the KERA shop in the Marui Annex in Shinjuku. Unfortunately we didn't found the T-Shirt our friend was looking for U.U
Senja always want to have things we can't find *drop*
We decided to have an Iced Café Latte at the nearby Tully's Coffee before starting our next shop challenge XD

So we entered the Lumine Est and also found DaTuRa... but they didn't have the dresses Kiki was searching for *sigh*
Poor Kiki >.<
But I found a dress at Egoist... again^^'
And I also bought a silver necklace I already felt in love with the other day.
items by Egoist
We strolled around the Southern Terrasse of Shinjuku before leaving for Harajuku. We wanted to bring Senja at least something and we saw nice earings the other day so we had back to Harajuku and bought them^^v
For lunch we also tried out a sweets restaurant at the beginning of the Takeshita dori. Its called NOA café and they have great waffles^.^
waffle with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce
That was our day today^.^
Tomorrow Kiki and I will separate. She will meet her friend Aiko while I will go on my own.
See ya!

August 11, 2016

Tokyo Day 1 ~ Shopping in Shibuya ;D

First day in Tokyo, so we did what we always did then: go shopping in Shibuya ;D

As usual we had a great breakfast at Tully's Coffee. This year the French Toast is tasty again, I'm totally happy X3
Then we had to Shibuya Station. At Hachiko Kiki had to smoke her obligatory cigarette in the smoking area. Our first stop was - like always - the Tower Records store. I wanted to look for the 'High & Low Original Best Album'. I love the drama series and I also like the music so I want to have the album^.^
Of course it was NOT on the floor we were looking... things are always there where you don't expect them^^'
Finally I found the album on the J-Pop floor in the 'Exile' rack. It contains 2 CDs and 1 DVD *_*
I also found a High & Low Movie book. It's with many great pictures and some interviews of the main characters, so I had to take it, too^.^
Kiki on the other hand bought an album of 'LEZARD' and was also happy^^

So after our first success we head to Shibuya 109. We did our obligatory round through every floor. It really has too many stores X.x
So we made a coffee break at Excelsior Coffee and discussed our masterplan for the next round with Café Latte and Café Mocha^.^

Time for the 2nd round! This time Kiki and I spent a lot of money XD
I got a new watch in white and gold which I wanted to have. I also found a nice set at Cecil McBee (and it was in SALE *_*) and a white top and a mint green cardigan at 'Egoist'.
For our surprise the store of 'Obertasche' had nice bags (instead of other shops), so I had to bought one >.<
Kiki spend a lot of money at DaTuRa XD but she found also a top and a skirt-looking shorts at Cecil MeBee^^
clothes from Egoist

Cecil McBee Outfit
my new handbag with accessories^^
Finally we were really exhausted and I guess we spent enough money for one day XD
We went to the Food Garden on the opposite side of the street. While Kiki had the usual Oyakodon set and tried the ginger pork with onions. Both was very delicious^.^

So our shopping tour was successful once again! We love it X3
Let's see what to do tomorrow!

August 10, 2016

From Osaka to Tokyo

Today started very relaxed. We slept out, enjoyed breakfast und packed our luggage for leaving around half past 11. We took the subway to Shin-Osaka where the Shinkansen are running in every direction. We bought our ticket for Tokyo^o^ (though 14.000 Yen is quite expensive X.x)

As always I bought a bento box for Kiki and me so we had lunch in the train.

grilled chicken on rice & royal milk tea
It only took three hours from Osaka to Tokyo. We were happy to check in the Shiba Park Hotel again. The new building is also completed by now. The new reception hall looks very beautiful!

Because it was still early we decided to go to Harajuku. I wanted to buy a new Suica Case (because mine got broken a few weeks ago) and we searched for earings for a friend. In one store in the Tokyu Plaza there were also some Tamiya items sold some weeks ago, so maybe they are still in stock...
But we weren't lucky today. We didn't find the wished earings, I didn't find a nice Suica Case and there weren't any Tamiya items either...

entrance of Tokyu Plaza with its mirror ceiling
For cheering us up we got ourselves a Harajuku crepe nearby XD
It is just so tasty!

But that was everything for today. Tomorrow we will do our first shopping tour in Shibuya^.^

Osaka Day 3 ~ Shopping & meeting my friend Tomomi

Today we were happy to sleep a bit more than the last days XD
Because it was our last day in Osaka this time, we wanted to do our usual shopping tour in the OPA again before meeting my friend Tomomi for dinner.

Kiki wanted to visit the shop of DaTuRa so badly and really found a onepiece she was looking for^^
This time I was unlucky and didn't buy anything^^;
For a friend we also visited the Kera shop nearby but didn't found the T-Shirt she wanted U.U
So we head back to the OPA and visited our favourite café there for coffee and cake X3
Unfortunately they changed the menu and didn't have pancakes anymore >.<
So Kiki chose a baked cheesecake while I had the gateau chocolat^.^
Just perfect!
Café Mocha with gateau chocolat and cream^.^
Afterwards we strolled a bit around the shinsaibashi-suji and visited Cecil McBee and Adidas but found anything here either.
And what to do now? It was too late to go elsewhere and to early for the meeting^^;
So we had back to our hotel and relax. Kiki also was happy about her get from DaTuRa which she had to try on immediately XD

Around 6 o'clock we met my friend Tomomi at Namba Station^^
We decided to visited an okonomiyaki restaurant from last year. Kiki and I had okonomiyaki with pork and black pepper, totally tasty ^o^

Kiki & me with food and drinks
pizza & okonomiyaki
We talked a lot and reported her from the Golden Bomber Fanclub Event. She also gave us summer gifts *_*
It is tradition in Japan to gave summer gifts (sweets) to friends, we were very surprised but also very thankful!
little gift bag^.^
It was such a nice evening. At 9 pm Tomomi had to leave >.<
So we took her to the station and then had back to our hotel. I was very happy to meet her again^.^

Tomorrow we will take the shinkansen to Tokyo then!!

August 9, 2016

Golden Bomber Fanclub Tour + Handshake Event ~ or: the best day of our lives!

On Saturday was our long awaited but also feared day. In Namba Hatch the Golden Bomber Fanclub event would take place and we got tickets for this event. It included a Shake hands event with one member!

Namba Hatch
Kiki was totally nervous about getting the tickets and how everything would work. That was my relaxing part. After arriving at the hall I asked for the line to get the wristbands for the concert and the event and the staff member could even speak a bit English Oo
We got our tickets in time (fetch up time was 11:30 - 13:30 h) and then tried to find a smoking area for Kiki because now she got a bit more relieved.
But there was none in the sourrounding area... Oo Osaka is really not for smokers...

our wristbands^^
Because it was already around 1 pm we decided to get in line for our member and do the merch shopping afterwards (the handshake started at 2 pm).
It was crazy because there was one line for Kiryuuin Shou and one line for all the other members. Kiryuuin's line was already longer then the other^^;

waiting in line for the handshake
So I waited with Kiki in the Kiryuuin-Line till my line for Kenji was beside her, so we could stand next to each other till everything got moving. Unfortunately we were standing in breaking sunshine the whole time X.x
I was happy that I thought of bringing my towel and my sunglasses *yes*

trying to take a selfie under the burning sun XD
Half an hour later we started moving and got finally into the air-conditioned hall. But so now Kiki and I got separated from eath other because Kiryuuin's line had to take a longer way around the hall XD
15 minutes before the event started the fans were allowed to enter the hall where the boxes of each member were arranged. Four white boxes were standing in front of the stage and four areas were zoned. Kenjis box was first, then came Jun, Kyan-san and Kiryuuin-san.
Unfortunately the guys entered the hall on the left side (Kiryuuin's box), so I couldn't see them >.< (but Kiki was happy she did^^)
At two o'clock sharp they entered the hall. Everybody was screaming XD

I was so nervous like never before in my life. The girl beside me made me mad because she couldn't hide her tension >.< 
From my standing point I could take some glimses in the cabine when the paper curtain was lifted for the next one to enter and I was so overwhelmed when I saw Kenji without his Kabuki make-up! That got me even more nervous >.<
I wanted to say to him that he had the most beautiful smile in the world. I repeated the Japanese sentence a few times for myself again but how tell him this just like that? And you really didn't have much time with the member, so now time to think...
I let some people pass me because I wasn't ready but finally it was my time to enter.
Kenji took my hand with both of his and started telling me something...
Of course I didn't understand and I wasn't even able to listen carefully because I wanted to say something to him... and I was so overwhelmed by his beautiful face, his gentle smile and his calm voice, awwwww *_*
When I heard someone telling that it was time for me leave I took all of my courage and was really able to say my line to him!! Then he smiled even more! X3

I left the cabin and my whole body was shaking. I hardly found the way out but I was totally happy and proud of myself. It was really the best moment in my life!!!! ♥♥♥♥

For our both relief Kiki and I met in the entrance hall again soon after the event. We were both just overwhelmed and couldn't really recognize what had happened just now.
We decided to leave the area and went to 'Café Break' at Namba Walk for a coffee and Kiki needed a cigarette so badly XD
We had some hours left till the concert would start so no need to hurry^^
Of course we had to share our experiences and feelings but it was hard to describe. But we were both just happy.

Some time later we went back to Namba Hatch and arranged enough time for the merchandise line but when we arrived we could almost walk to the counter^^;
Before we took some photos in front of the Golden Bomber logo.

me & Kiki ^.^
The merchandise wasn't very pleasing but Kiki and I had to buy something XD
Kiki needed a towel in case a towel-song would be played during the concert and we both bought a little handbag in the shape of the members faces. They are really cute but quite useless *lol*
Kenji- & Shou-handbag X3

Then we couldn't wait for the concert to start. It was just bad that every ticket had a number and Kiki and I had a difference of exact 100^^;
So I entered with Kiki (who had the higher number) when we found out when the number was allowed to enter XD (Kiki had number 801)
We also had to buy a drink mark for 500 Yen >.< I hate this! But what should we do U.U

I was so unusual to see such a few amount of people in the concert hall. Based on the numbers we knew and the few people entering after us there weren't even 1000 people inside. So we were very close to the stage^^
And the concert was awesome!!!
Of course this time they didn't perform a gay drama but in between they played some games to decide who is allowed to wear which clothes. Everyone of them entered the stage just in underpants and boots XD
There was a choice of three outfit: a stripper outfit, a pink princess dress and Japanese fighter outfit. They had three rounds: for pants, top and headdress. It was totally funny XD
Kiryuuin-san was the one who won the princess dress accept for the ribbon headband *lol*
Kenji was so cool because he got the black fighting pants and the black hat (and none top! X3), it was so hot *_*     
During the concert they only played very old songs which were decided by vote from the Japanese fans beforehand. For the encore they even sang a song together! That was awesome!!! The concert was just so much fun!!!!
It endured one and half an hour. Then it was time to leave T.T

But everything was just great and the concert was the perfect finish for a perfect day! ♥♥♥♥ 

Kiki and I dragged ourselves back to our hotel - our feet were acking like hell >.< - and just get us something to eat from the family mart. We were so exhausted but fell happily asleep this night X3