Golden Bomber live in Japan 2014

Quite spontaniously my friend Kiki and I travelled to Japan AGAIN this year because we wanted to see our favourite band Golden Bomber live in concert! My friend Tomomi got tickets for the two concerts in Hiroshima on September the 27th and 28th (Saturday and Sunday). We were totally happy though it was pretty stressful to plan and organize the journey six weeks beforehand^^;
BUT we did it and we couldn't believe to really see our guys live on stage X3 Of course we didn't only fly to Japan for two days, so we spend another week after the concerts and also stayed in Osaka and Tokyo again (26.09.-06.10.2014). The trip was just awesome though it was our shortest so far. But we had so much fun, the concerts were so great and we are flashed now to see our guys next year again ~ hopefully >.<

So here are my travel reports of this journey ^__^

Hiroshima Day 0 ~ Flight to Japan
Hiroshima Day 1 ~ Golden Bomber concert Day 1
Hiroshima Day 2 ~ Golden Bomber concert Day 2
Hiroshima Day 3 ~ Hiroshima Castle & Walking dead in Fukuoka
Hiroshima Day 4 / Osaka Day 1 ~ Memroial Peace Museum / Meeting Tomomi-chan
Osaka Day 2 ~ Shopping^o^
Osaka Day 3 / Tokyo Day 1 ~ 50th anniversary of the Shinkansen
Tokyo Day 2 ~ Shopping in Harajuku & Shibuya
Tokyo Day 3 ~ Shinjuku
Tokyo Day 4 ~ Drowning in Shibuya & departure

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