Japan Travel Diary 2015 (christmas)

Already in July my friend Kiki and I decided to visit Japan in December during Christmas Time again. The basic reason was that Kiki wanted to visit the Solo Live of Golden Bomber's singer Kiryuuin Shou on Dec 15th. I didn't mind and because the last two years christmas wasn't fun for me, so I had no problem of not being home for christmas. Kiki hates christmas, so it was the best idea for her.

So we planned our travel from 12.12. - 25.12.2015 with first staying in Tokyo (the concert would be held at Tokyo Budokan) till the 20th and then go to Osaka.
In the meantime we also got to know about a concert of An Café in Kobe on Dec 22th. My friend Tomomi organized tickets for us, so the second concert was schedulded for us^^

It was a drama to get tickets for Kiryuuin's concert, but Kiki and her friend Aya managed it somehow. In Japan itself we bumped in many other events to satisfy our passions X3
At Diver City Odabiba there was a Golden Bomber exhibition and a the lightning event 'Shining Star' which was opened by the band and the show was accompanied by their music (videos).
Another special event for me was the Star Wars exhibition at Tokyo Sky Tree. I never intended on visiting this tower but for this reason I had to! X3

Of course we did a looooot of shopping during our stay and met our friends. We also got a bit of christmas feeling on some German christmas markets and some illuminations. In the end it was really a wonderful holiday ^___^

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