August 14, 2016

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Shinjuku & Harajuku

Today we decided to go to Shinjuku because we wanted to search a shop for a friend and Kiki found out, that there was another DaTuRa store in the Lumine Est at Shinjuku Station, so she wanted to check if this shop has her wished dresses.

After some irritation we found the KERA shop in the Marui Annex in Shinjuku. Unfortunately we didn't found the T-Shirt our friend was looking for U.U
Senja always want to have things we can't find *drop*
We decided to have an Iced Café Latte at the nearby Tully's Coffee before starting our next shop challenge XD

So we entered the Lumine Est and also found DaTuRa... but they didn't have the dresses Kiki was searching for *sigh*
Poor Kiki >.<
But I found a dress at Egoist... again^^'
And I also bought a silver necklace I already felt in love with the other day.
items by Egoist
We strolled around the Southern Terrasse of Shinjuku before leaving for Harajuku. We wanted to bring Senja at least something and we saw nice earings the other day so we had back to Harajuku and bought them^^v
For lunch we also tried out a sweets restaurant at the beginning of the Takeshita dori. Its called NOA café and they have great waffles^.^
waffle with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce
That was our day today^.^
Tomorrow Kiki and I will separate. She will meet her friend Aiko while I will go on my own.
See ya!

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