August 11, 2016

Tokyo Day 1 ~ Shopping in Shibuya ;D

First day in Tokyo, so we did what we always did then: go shopping in Shibuya ;D

As usual we had a great breakfast at Tully's Coffee. This year the French Toast is tasty again, I'm totally happy X3
Then we had to Shibuya Station. At Hachiko Kiki had to smoke her obligatory cigarette in the smoking area. Our first stop was - like always - the Tower Records store. I wanted to look for the 'High & Low Original Best Album'. I love the drama series and I also like the music so I want to have the album^.^
Of course it was NOT on the floor we were looking... things are always there where you don't expect them^^'
Finally I found the album on the J-Pop floor in the 'Exile' rack. It contains 2 CDs and 1 DVD *_*
I also found a High & Low Movie book. It's with many great pictures and some interviews of the main characters, so I had to take it, too^.^
Kiki on the other hand bought an album of 'LEZARD' and was also happy^^

So after our first success we head to Shibuya 109. We did our obligatory round through every floor. It really has too many stores X.x
So we made a coffee break at Excelsior Coffee and discussed our masterplan for the next round with Café Latte and Café Mocha^.^

Time for the 2nd round! This time Kiki and I spent a lot of money XD
I got a new watch in white and gold which I wanted to have. I also found a nice set at Cecil McBee (and it was in SALE *_*) and a white top and a mint green cardigan at 'Egoist'.
For our surprise the store of 'Obertasche' had nice bags (instead of other shops), so I had to bought one >.<
Kiki spend a lot of money at DaTuRa XD but she found also a top and a skirt-looking shorts at Cecil MeBee^^
clothes from Egoist

Cecil McBee Outfit
my new handbag with accessories^^
Finally we were really exhausted and I guess we spent enough money for one day XD
We went to the Food Garden on the opposite side of the street. While Kiki had the usual Oyakodon set and tried the ginger pork with onions. Both was very delicious^.^

So our shopping tour was successful once again! We love it X3
Let's see what to do tomorrow!

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