August 10, 2016

From Osaka to Tokyo

Today started very relaxed. We slept out, enjoyed breakfast und packed our luggage for leaving around half past 11. We took the subway to Shin-Osaka where the Shinkansen are running in every direction. We bought our ticket for Tokyo^o^ (though 14.000 Yen is quite expensive X.x)

As always I bought a bento box for Kiki and me so we had lunch in the train.

grilled chicken on rice & royal milk tea
It only took three hours from Osaka to Tokyo. We were happy to check in the Shiba Park Hotel again. The new building is also completed by now. The new reception hall looks very beautiful!

Because it was still early we decided to go to Harajuku. I wanted to buy a new Suica Case (because mine got broken a few weeks ago) and we searched for earings for a friend. In one store in the Tokyu Plaza there were also some Tamiya items sold some weeks ago, so maybe they are still in stock...
But we weren't lucky today. We didn't find the wished earings, I didn't find a nice Suica Case and there weren't any Tamiya items either...

entrance of Tokyu Plaza with its mirror ceiling
For cheering us up we got ourselves a Harajuku crepe nearby XD
It is just so tasty!

But that was everything for today. Tomorrow we will do our first shopping tour in Shibuya^.^

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