July 16, 2012

서울 ~ Seoul in Duesseldorf

Last Saturday I made a trip to my favourite town Duesseldorf again. Highlight of the day was the visit in a korean restaurant for dinner which I'd like to introduce to you (it was my frist time dining out korean).

The restaurant's named Seoul - like the capital of the South Korea. It mediates a nice asian atmoshere, it's not so big but not too small either, I liked it.
Here is a view from the inside (unfortunately I forgot my digicam at home, so I had to take the pictures with my handy... so the quality is not so good, sorry >.<):

The menu offers quite a choice, there was too much I'd like to try XD
So my friend and I made a decision for the 'rice meal 2' which consisted of four meals (it was for two persons). But first we get the typical korean starters, it was great^.^

The table was full with them, I really like this korean way of eating and presenting the meals!
In addition to the meal I tried a bamboo tea, really delicious as well^^
Characteristically for korean eating is also the cutlery made of metal. But it worked as good as the japanese chopsticks.

 And here's our rice meal:
 Everyone gets one bowl of rice with the meal (sticky rice of course^.^)

The meals consists of breaded chicken with vegetables, spicy pork with tofu and vegetables, baked shrimps and beaf with onions (that was my favourite). Everything was super delicious! Though it was far too much, so now I have still something left for another time XD

But really recommendable! I like to visit the Seoul again ^__^


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