August 14, 2012

Kyoto relaxing day ~ Day 4

Today was my relaxing day. While Lau took a trip to Tokyo for a special event, Kiki and I stayed in Kyoto and had a lazy day. We stayed a while in our breakfast café and watched the people walking around there.
Today's choice for breakfast were two very delicious donuts (from Mister Donut again of course^.^).

choco-coconut & strawberry donut

After this slow and relaxing start in the day Kiki and I decided to walk around the Station area a bit. We were both not so erpicht of a far walk. We went along the Station street until we reached the Umekoji Park. A nice park with wide meadow, an Aquarium (it would have been interesting to visit, but the standing line was so long... it would have taken 45 min. if we believed the staff), a green house and a the Umekoji steam locomotive museum.
It was very nice just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful garden^^ (for more our feet weren't able, too)

Aquarium / Garden / locomotive museum
For lunch I bought again two buns from my favourite backery 'Sizuya': a fluffy sugared milk bun and a soft bun with citrus creme filling.

sugared milk bun / soft bun with filling

After a short afternoon rest we went for a little shopping in the nearby Aeon Mall (but we didn't bought anything) before we took our dinner in our usual food court. Today's choice was the same as on sunday (so for me kare-udon) – it's just too delicious^.^

Downer are just the many big mosquito bites I've got in just three days >.<

Tomorrow we will meet with my friend Makoto in Kobe^.^
I'm really looking forward to it!

Bye bye ^o^

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