December 2, 2012

Duesseldorf before christmas

Yesterday I wanted to visit the christmas market in Duesseldorf. Of course I also took the chance and visit the japanese shops, too ^o^

First I went to my beloved 'backery my heart' and besides my usual Matcha buns I bought a pumpkin bun. The pumpkin filling was a kind of pudding, it was super delicious!

pumpkin bun

Atfer taking a stroll through the shops OCS and the Takagi Bookstore and a japanese supermarket I tried a new restaurant for lunch. I went to 'Kiki Sushi' for the first time.

entrance of the Kiku Sushi

Besides Sushi (on a rolling conveyer) and Sashimi they also offer Don, salads and ramen. The interior is also beautiful, the atmosphere was great.

the interior of Kiku Sushi (with the rolling sushi)

I wanted to try the Korokke Don (pumpkin korokke on rice) but it was sold out >.> (why do I always want to eat the sold out things >.<). So I chose the Teriyaki Don.

It was okay but the one in the restaurant Don by Maruyasu was better and the service was also not impressing. I don't know if I will go there again.

But after that I was strengthend for the christmas markets and they were so crowded...  I guess I shouldn't visit them on saturdays^^'

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  1. you wrote "Kiki Sushi" ~hahaha
    wie oft bist du denn verdammt nochmal in Düsseldorf >.<° ???
    ich wünschte, wie würden mehr in der Nähe wohnen... dann würde ich mal mit dir zum Weihnachtsmarkt gehen!!! ... mit Kiki kann man das ja nicht ^^°
    aber toll, dass du nen schönen und leckeren Tag hattest ^o^