April 3, 2013

Day 4 ~ Shopping in Shibuya


Today we planned nothing special. Our friend Aya had to leave us at noon but Kaoru has asked as if we accompany her to a shopping tour. Of course we did and we supposed Shibuya (109) to her^^

It rained the whole day so it was good to spend it in shopping buildings. We met Kaoru - like always - at the Hachiko Gate in Shibuya. First we went to Tower Records because I wanted to check the Golden Bomber CDs and Kiki the ones of AnCafé. Finally I got the CD/DVD of Golden Bombers [Dance my Generation] and Kiki bought an old CD Album of Golden Bomber X3
But I was surprised, they had much more stuff of Golden Bomber than last year. Now they have a whole rack! It's cool^o^ Now I hope to get Kenjis second next week on friday, too >.<

The Golden Bomber rack

my new CD/DVD X3

After that we strolled through the shops in the Shibuya 109. First just looking because the clothes in almost every shop looked so good. Even I liked some things but I find the prices to high for the clothes and don't any so I didn't want to buy anything. But Kiki and Kaoru had to shop hard in the Ma*rs store *lol*
Halfway we decided to make a break and went for lunch nearby. We chose for a Tempura restaurant. The menu was quite good. Kaoru and I chose the special offer for the day: six kinds vegetable tempura (lotus root, sweet potatoe, pumpkin, onions, green paprika & courgette) with rice and miso soup.

the dish of Kaoru and me *_*
I had to spend again much money just for lunch (1.100 円) but it was worth it. It made us sated for the rest of the day XD
After lunch we split up because Kiki and Kaoru wanted to continue their shopping in the 109, so I went to shops suiting ME. I walked to 'Loft', a great store for all kinds of home aplliance and stuff like that. I was searching for paper ware like letter paper and so on and of course new bento boxes X3 I really love such stores but I couldn't decide what to buy so first I left without buying anything and walked down the street to 'Tokyu Hands', another store for ceative work and home appliance. They had even more variety of products *_*
Finally I decided for a Purikura Sticker Album, an elastic belt for it, two letter paper blocks, a et of beautiful envelopes and four pallets of stickers^.^

Sticker album, belt, envelopes and paper blocks

sticker pallets
But I couldn't decide for a bento box >.< I have to visit the stores with Kiki again, she must help me! But I will definitly buy one.
After meeting up again we decided to make some purikuras (how matching XD). The purikura hall was very crowded so we just took the first machine to be free.

For giving a nice end to this successful day we spend some time in the nearby Excelsior Café where I had my mandatory Matcha Latte X3 It was really comfortable.
Finally we split up at Shibuya Station and said goodbye to Kaoru. But before she gave me a little present. Because she knows about my passion for cooking and bento she made Furoshiki (bags for carrying bento boxes) out of an old Kimono cloth of hers for me. I couldn't believe, I was thankful Q.Q And they are really so nice!!!

the two bags from Kaoru *_*

The last thing I bought that day were some snacks from the family mart because Kiki and I got yet again a bit hungry later. This time I bought egg sandwiches and Kit Kat with Matcha chocolate around *_*

In Shibuya I had also bought the newest Oggi magazine. I'm not so into fashion but I like this magazine, it suits me quite well. It's for happy carrer women X3

Oggi magazine for May

Unfortantely I didn't take more interesting pictures because of the rain today >.<

Next day it should rain, too...
But I guess we will somehow have a good time nevertheless^o^ In the evening I will my Email friend Ryuichi from Yokohama (while Kiki meets one of her Email friends, too), so I have at least an event I'm looking forward to.

See ya!


  1. eeeeehh....? so viele tolle Sachen XD so viele Golden Bomber CD's XD und ein Puri-Buch und du kannst dich mal wieder nicht für eine Bento-Box entscheiden XD typisch~ haha
    und die Taschen von Kaoru *o* voll toll!!! Die hat sie selbst gemacht? coooool!!! genau richtig für dich <3
    das mit dem Regen ist natürlich...na jaaaa.... in Berlin liegt noch Schnee XD aber in Düsseldorf war es gestern ziemlich schön!!!
    bye <3

  2. Tokyu Hands ist so toll. <3 Hast du die Kissen in der Matratzen Abteilung gesehen? XD Und da du ja bei den Bento Boxen warst, da waren ja auch sicher die ganzen Dekos dafür, oder? Ich find die so genial. :D Auch wenn die zugegeben ziemlich unnötig sind. XD Und die haben auch so tolle Stäbchen. *__* Aber so teuer. x.x
    Aber Purikura Sticker Album find ich ja mal interessant. :D Wie siehts denn von innen aus? ^^