April 4, 2013

Day 6 ~ Harajuku & Yoyogi Park

The day started perfectly: I could sleep out (and overcome my Jetlag) and had finally my beloved French Toast for breakfast X3 (the first one this holiday >.<)

French Toast
On the contrary to yesterday the weather was perfect: sunny and around 20 degrees, wonderful! So Kiki and I looked forward to begin the day^^

We took the Yamanote line straight to Harajuku. After a brief stop (obligatory XD) at the Smoking area at the station we went down the Takeshita-dori. But right at the beginning lays a small street right hand ending in a dead end where are a few small shops are situated. They sell accessory, shoes, bags and some crazy stuff like bottoms, I-phone cases and so on. There I bought the 'tourist bag' I wanted (for 3.150 円) with 'Japan' written on it^.^

my bag (the colours don't look good on the photo >.<)
Further Kiki also find some clothes but we didn't really go for shopping, it was also too crowded there (as always^^;). But we like the atmosphere there and the shops are rather cute. Thereafter we visited our second obligatory smoking place: in front of the shop 'Kinji used clothing' XD
We also took the chance and strolled through the shop. Kiki got a nice bargain (a coat) there.

After shopping we wanted to visit the Yoyogi Park. So we went back to the family mart on the Takeshita-dori to buy some things for lunch in the park. But by accident we entered the way to the Meijijingu Park first XD So we visited the Meiji Shrine where we took a rest and ate lunch.

Meiji Shrine

But atferwards we went over the next convenient Yoyogi park. It was a huge, nice park with large meadow areas, trees and some fountains. Many banks lay on the way but many people sat on blankets on the meadows. People did many kinds of sports: baseball, badminton, volleyball, soccer and frisbee. It would be great to this with some friends, too X3

fountain & Sakura trees

people sitting on the meadow

[insider post: a helicopter flew over the park back and forth some times and I just said 'hey, it's Murdock!' (from the A-Team), it was the running gag of the day *rofl*]

just kidding but it's cool XD

On our way back to the station we spotted another curious thing: a little bus which drives to Shibuya station, it is called the Hachiko bus XD Really cute!

Hachiko bus at Harajuku station

So after the nice walk in the park Kiki and I went back to our hotel. It was really a great day with shopping (takeshita-dori), culture (Meiji Shrine) and nature (park).
Later we just went out for dinner in our nearby Udon restaurant. This time I really ate Udon (with spring onions and egg) XD

Udon & Korokke
Tomorrow we will met Aya again and also another male friend from her. So we're excited about the meeting^.^

Dewa mata! (see ya)

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