July 9, 2013

Japan Town Paris

Usually one visits China Town in different big cities but Paris has a Japan Town in the middle of the city^^ (near the Opera)
Which means: Japanese restaurants one after another (ramen, udon, sushi, okonomiyaki, everything you can think of), doesn't matter if big ones or little shops, there is really every kind of restaurant. But also some supermarkets and shops which sold Japanese goods. One bookstore was really cool (on the Rue des Pyramides), there you found everything: books, magazines, Japanese and French Manga & Artbooks and Stationary.

shelves full of mangas
They had even some new arrivals from xxxHolic and some Clamp series which haven't been published in Germany yet, but I didn't want to buy French Manga and the new xxxHolic book cost almost 100,- €... so no^^;
The magazines were also more expensive than in Germany, so I didn't buy the newest 'Oggi ' either.

The main street of the quarter was 'Rue St. Anne'. There you see an Asian supermarket at once.

But on this street are also most of the restaurants and other shops.

My personal highlight was a backery (patisserie) on the edge of the corner from where I took the pictures above. The variety of food was amazing, I was really overwhelmed, especially because of the many kinds of Matcha buns *o*
So I bought a lot there, hehe~ two Matcha buns filled with Anko, one Matcha-Melonpan, a Matcha cookie, a Matcha maccaron, bread with Matcha & Anko and a Gyouza Pan (which was for lunch XD).

my collection of Matcha stuff + Gyouza Pan *lol*
Everything was super delicious!!! Of course the main offer in the backery consisted of sweets but they had also other buns like the Gyouza bun and also Onigiri! The prizes were also quite good, some things were even a bit cheaper than in Duesseldorf.

A bit further down the street came the little shop called 'Cool Japan' which sold many traditional things like Yukatas, fans, porcelain and so on. There I bought a totally nice backpack! With 55,- € it was quite expensive but I couldn't resist especially because I wanted a backpack for some time now.

shop from the outside
my backpack (I added the mojo at home)

In the shop I also asked how to get to the purikura machine and the store 'Book-off' (very popular in Japan) because I couldn't find them. Unfortunately I didn't find the 'Marugen' where they have a purikura machine but my friend didn't want to make some with me (she hates being photografed) so it wasn't this bad.
But we found the Book-off store. They even had two of them: one for French books, CDs and DVDs and also a Japanese one. In the French store I bought the DVD Box of the Anime D.N.Angel for 2,- € (they had really many mangas and stuff there) and in the Japanese store I got another Clamp Artbook^__^
They also sold many magazines but the newer one were even more expansive than in the bookstore before and the Golden Bomber CD's (unexpectedly they had some) were also very expansive >.< (noone were under 25,- €). So nothing else to buy for me.

Japanese Book-off
my gets^^
With this we finished our tour through Japan Town and ended up at the Opera again from where we could take the Metro to other locations.

But another interesting place concerning Japan was near the Eiffel Tower. There is the 'Maison de la culture Japonais' located on the 'Place de Kyoto' XD

entrance de la maison
Many culturelle events and classes take place there, it must be quite interesting if you live in Paris. There was even a security check at the entrance^^'
I get some information material and we also entered the shop on ground floor. They sold many tableware and also bento boxes *.* Of course also books, stationary and so on. I couldn't help and got me two new bento boxes. They were so beautiful and cute! The big one with three layers only cost 32,- €, on the contrary the little kitty one cost me 25,- € ^^;

my new bento boxes^^
I was surprised how much of Japan you can experience in Paris but it was very cool. Together with the Expo I had quite a Japanese lifestyle there *lol*


  1. OMG, you and your bento boxes XDD But they are quite lovely, indeed. I especially like the cat one ♥
    And omg, 2€ for the D.N.Angel box?! ;A; -envies you-

    But I'm happy that you still found so much to enjoy in Paris after your impression of the Japan Expo didn't seem to be that enthusiastic. ^^

  2. Wow, really amazing gets and photos. ^^ I would love to visit Japan Town, too. <3

  3. wow~ hööööchst interessant ^^
    sehr coole Sachen!!! Besonders die Sachen aus der Bäckerei <3
    Aber keine puris .....-.-° neee neee neee ~ haha
    bye <3