March 25, 2014

Seoul Day 0 ~ Flight to Seoul

Hello everyone!
On Sunday finally my next holidays in Asia have begun^o^ 
Before I will travel to Japan, this year I will have my first visit in Korea! I will spend five days in the capital Seoul before I will fly to my friend in Kansai area.

My journey started like always: packing my luggage was such a stress! But pack your trunk for four weeks, it's really hard if you have just 23 kg to use...
And I really reached the limit this time>.< My luggage is so heavy, it really made me worrying how to carry this to all the hotels... my only hope is that I will left many things at my friend's place because half of the content of my trunk are presents for her and her family XD

I had to get up quite early because my flight from Duesseldorf to Munich ran at 09:15 h. My mother and her husband were so nice and brought me to the airport. There everything went exceptionally smooth O.o

I like the Slogan^^

Nobody was at the baggage-drop-off, I could just walk to the next counter. But there the scale showed my nightmare: 26 kg! I couldn't believe it >.<
So the woman asked me to pack something out in my hand-luggage, so I took my notebook, my adressbook and my 500 ml bottle out of it. Then it had 19 kg... really odd, so I put the bottle back in the trunk... and the scale showed 25 kg again O.o So the bottle weighs 6 kg... hard to imagine^^; So the woman said it's was okay then XD

Even at the security control I hadn't had to spend much time but of course the sensor bieped when I went trough it^^;

The flight went quite well and exceptionally again I entered lálready the right terminal on my arrival. Usually I have to walk trough half of the airport to reach my connecting flight. The pass control was very funny as well. Besides the normal control desks which were quite crowded they had new eletronic pass controls. But hardly people used it for the reasons they didn't really noticed and some passports couldn't be read obviously... but I gave it try and it really worked. So I passed all the long lines at the desks and could head to my gate^^
At the gate I tried out the Wifi with my tablet so spend some time I could really check my emails and write some greetings before my great flight. So I thought nothing bad couldn't happen XD

But I spoke to early because my TV screen in the plane didn't work right, I couldn't watch movies clearly >.< But I couldn't survive a 9 hour flight without any movie. 
But before I mentioned it to the crew, I enjoyed a nice korean Lunch on board. They served Bibimbab with beef (rice with vegetables and beef on it), salad, fruits and of course a bit Kimchi (spicy cabbage).

Lunch: Korean Bibimbab

and don't forget the extra Kimchi
 But then I asked the crew because of my TV screen but they can't repair it so I changed my place for a few hours XD Luckily the flight wasn't fully booked I got a place a few rows in front of mine. So I could really watch 'The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug' like I hope I could. I also watched 'Thor - The Dark Kingdom' a second time and one episode of 'The Big Bang Theory'. Atferwards I could go back to my original place and it was almost time for breakfast *lol*

Like usual they served an omelette with potatoes and a bun with butter and jam. This time they also had joghurt.

Then it was aklmost time for landing. We even arrived 30 minutes before time because we had good weather conditions! So finally I entered Korean ground^^

Nice welcome^^
The pass control a bit time but I haven't had to wait for my luggage. So I arrived at Incheon Airport safely and my journey in Seoul could start...


  1. Hey~ glad to hear you've arrived safely! Hope your first days there were as a great as your flight, too. ^^ *eagerly waits for the next post(s)*

  2. Ich hoffe, du hast ganz viel Spaß da drüben...und ich würde jämmerlich verhungern...schon aufm Flug wäre ich wohl in den Hungerstreik gegangen *lol*...
    See U in Osaka next week ^O^ <3

  3. Viel Spaß in Korea und Japan, ich werde deine Reise hier aufmerksam verfolgen! :)