April 1, 2014

Seoul Day 3 ~ National Assembly, Myeong-Dong & N Seoul Tower

Today I met my friend Kim again. She made an arrangement to visit the National Assembly in Seoul for 10 o'clock, so we wanted to meet at the station's exit at 9:30 h. But the train tool longer than I expected, then I took the wrong train and in the end I just arrived at 10 am at the station...  that was somehow not my day and it could just become better >.<
Fortunaley Kim had waited for me and we could still enter the Assembly building and participate in the little guided tour. We were allowed to enter the Assembly hall where the parlament usually held their meetings. We should take a seat in the spectators' places. It was a bit funny because besides us there was a class of students of law from the university. So I felt a bit like a student *lol*
The woman introducing the institution only spoke Korean but Kim translated the main aspects for me. The most interesting part was that they have build exact the same hall on the other side of the building. The reason is really touching: it was build for the day when Korea will reunite so that the new Assembly of today's both countries will have enough space. This is a real touching idea and shows that South Korea - or more correctly the Republic of Korea - wants to end the war and be reunited again!

National Assembly

Assembly Hall

But the whole building was really nice and has got many symbols in its achitecture. For example the dome represents the sun (that's why it's also held in orange) and the both Assembly halls show to the North and to the South to represent the two parts of the country. --> one of the officers told us this. He could even spoke a bit German but we had just a little small talk in English XD

the 'sun' above Korea

me & Kim in front of the first law
Then we left for the Assembly Museum which was nearby. But we could take a small shuttle bus which brought us there. Besides us a group of four girls from Thailand took the bus as well. We chatted a little bit; one of the girls studies in Seoul and the other ones came to visit her. One of them was even learning German, I was really surprised.

The museum was also nice but I was disappointed that everything which is exhibited is only explained in Korean. How should foreigners learn something about Korean politics and history when it's only shown in Korean? Kim was wondering about that, too.
But there were mainly things about former presidents but really good exhibited!

view in to the entrance hall

me sitting at the president's desk, ha ha

in fron of the Assemly hall ~ I seem to be so tall...
speaker's desk in the children's room XD

After that we had still a little time before we would meet another German woman from the Book Fair of Frankfurt. Her name's Ursula and for a coincidence she was also in Korea at that time but different from me she was there because of business. Kim and collegue arranged a meeting in her office and reserved a restaurant for lunch.
But before Kim invited me to a coffee in the museum's café and we also looked around the gift shop.

Finally we headed back to her office. I was a bit excited to see Kim's woking place and even meet some of her collegues^.^
Ursula also arrived a few minutes after us.

f.l.t.r.: Kim's collegue, Ursula, me, Kim
Kim's office
After Ursula and Kim had talked a bit about their publishing business, the four of us went to lunch in an nearby restaurant. Kim's collegue had made a reservation and it was really nice! It was an traditional Korean restaurant where you have to sit on the floor. We had many dishes were offered to us: many sidedishes like different kinds of Kimchi, mushrooms and sea weed, also three different soups, fish anf of course everyone got a bowl of Korean rice. I love this kind of Korean buffet *_*

our opulent laid table
After lunch we had to said goodbye to each other. My plan for the afternoon was to visit Myeong-dong, another lively shopping district. There I also wanted to visit a Nanta Theatre. Kim was so kind and made a reservation for me for the show at 5 pm (ticket costs 4000 Won). So before the show started I had still some time left to stroll around the streets.

Myeong-dong street
In time I entered the Nanta Theatre. Nanta is a non-verbal comeday - so I wouldn't have problems with the understanding - and it is a kind of cooking show^.^
Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos of the show but I can really recommend this! It was really funny because they not only 'cooked' (you can't even call it that) but also danced, act and made just real good comedy. They also involved some people of the audience to 'help' with the show. I liked it a lot!!!

view to the stage from my seat
But the day wasn't over yet. Quite spontanously I got the idea to visit the N Seoul Tower afterwards to get a night view over Seoul. The tower is located on the Namsan mountin in the middle of the town with is very close to Myeong-dong area. I could walk to the cable car station which should take up the mountain. This was relaticely expensive (8.500 Won for the roundtrip) but I really wanted to go there. The cable car drive was really and offered alreday a nice view over the city.
At the top I was already almost standing in front of the enlightened tower. 

N Seoul Tower

With a fast elevator und got on top of the Tower (entrance fee was 9000 Won). Der even made a 3D show inside the elevator, that was really funny. At the top you really a beautiful view over  the city and the nightlights. But unfortunately it was hard to make photos because of the lights inside >.< They were reflected by the windows...
But I think I got some nice shots nevertheless ;D

nightview over Seoul I

Nightview over Seoul II

Back in the city I got yet a little hungry. Before going to the theatre I passed by a little restaurant which was specified for Matcha and Azuki (red beans) sweets and drinks. So I thought this would be a good place to go and try some delicious things^.^
That place was called 'Green Station' *lol*

Green Station
It was really hard for me to decide for something, everything looked so well >.<
Finally I chose 'Matcha Cream Dread' and a 'Azuki Latte'. It was sugared toast with Matcha Cream and Azuki beans with cooked milk. It was totally delicious *_* (unfortunately quite expensive but I couldn't resist XD Matcha Cream Bread: 6.500 Won, Azuki Latte 4.500 Won)

Finally I returned to my hotel. I was really exhausted and I got many expressions of Seoul but it was really a wonderful day^-^

The next day I will also spend all by myself but I have again many plans what I want to visit @.@ Another palace, the National Museum and maybe Namdaemun Market...
I need some sleep... XD

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