June 21, 2012

a bit of Japan at home

Let's get started.
First I will tell about my first feeling of spring here in Germany. On April, 29th (I know it's a bit ago) I made a bike through my city and watched the sakura trees. I found a really beautiful street:

It was a great feeling to see these beautiful sakuras, unfortunately it was almost the last day of their bloom. But take a look:

Because I love sweets I took some ichigo mochis for lunch with me ^__^

After the tour I wanted to make something Japanese for dinner. I had also been inspired my Korean dish so I made Korean kind of dinner buffet with Korean and Japanese food.

 from left to right:

Spicy Bean Sprout Salad (jap), spicy sour salad (kor), salted white cabbage (jap), sour-spicy white cabbage (kor)

Bean Sprout-Onion-Paprika vegetables from the teppan with Chili-Ginger-Shrimps (jap), grilled white cabbage (jap), jap. marinade with dashi and sweet-sour Chili-Marinade (kor)

of course Sushi rice, as dessert mochis, drink: sake
 (recipes will follow by the time)

So it was great day and I could enjoyed many japanese (and korean) thing right near/at my home ^__^


  1. heeeeey welcome at blogger <3
    ich freue mich auf viele kulinarische posts ^o^
    bye bye <3 ~chu

  2. wie cool es aussieht...
    schön, dassu es geschafft hast, ich freue mich so <3