June 27, 2012

My first bento box set

This time I want to present you the first bento box I've bought. It is whole set which I ordered from a japanese provider Shop Sukiyaki. I really love it^__^

The set consists of two boxes, the box bag with drawstrings, an elastic belt, shopsticks with a suitable sliding box, six forms (the pink ones), partitions (not on the photo) to separate the food and a tray for maki sushi.

It looks rather small but I can tell, you can put enough food for one meal into it!
So I like to make bentos if I go on a trip^^

1 comment:

  1. I looooooove the bento boxes !!!
    Sind das eigentlich Erdbeeren darauf? Ist mir irgendwie gar nicht so aufgefallen ^^°
    kawaiiiii <3