July 1, 2012

Duesseldorf ~ 日本 in Germany

Yesterday (saturday, 30th June) I took a trip to Duesseldorf, the japanese stronghold here in Germany.
So it is always very nice to be there because it is like a short trip to Japan.

So first I visit the japanese backeries and bought some (okay~ many...) buns to go. I love japanese buns so I have always problems to decide which to buy. Here's my yesterdays choice:

from left to on the bottom right:

matcha bagel with mascarpone and red bean paste, matcha muffin, matcha melonpan with matcha-paste and red bean stuffing, Karēpan, pan with white cabbage stuffing (sweet), Choco Cornet
(do you get the impression that I love stuff with matcha? haha)

After that I went shopping and I can say, Duesseldorf is really a fashion metropolis! But before I searched for some new summer clothes, I made a stop at the 'Gewürzhaus' (spice house), which is very popular in Düsseldorf. Because I like cooking, I had to visit it X3 (it was the first time I went there)

It is a really small shop where just 3-4 people have space. But the owner was really nice and the variety of spices is amazing!
I bought some green Thau Curry (powder) and the self-made mustard for which the shop is so popular (I just have to try it) X3

After an exhausting but successful shooping tour I took a break in my favourite Café back in the Japan Quarter. The whole day I looked forward to my Matcha Latte ^.^

The Matcha Latte - my favourite drink!
Though the one in Kyoto was a little better ;D
(but it has to be matcha again... haha)

The 'Tenten Coffee', although they have a really great variety of coffee specialities I must always take the Matcha Latte because I can't taste it elsewhere near my hometown.
The Café is very small, but it has a very nice atmosphere^^

I also went to OCS shop which sells mainly japanese books and magazines but also food, merchandise and some other stuff. There I bought the newest issue of my favourite fashion magazine 'Oggi'.

I like the style in the Oggi.
It is a 'monthly magazine for happy career women', so it suits me perfectly X3

 I also had to bought a new bento box >.< it is so cute, I coulnd't hold back...

I like panda motives and this box has a good size, so I decided to increase my collection once again^.^
(details will come up later)

For dinner I took the chance and bought some onigiri in the 'Waraku ', which lays next to the OCS. 

A little nice shop with very welcoming personnel and a great choice of onigiri and lunch boxes.

My choice for the day were onigiri with konbu (seewead with sweet soy sauce and sesame) and soil-mayo. Both were very delicious!

That was my day in the little japanese world here in Germany. I'm already looking forward to my next trip, haha.
では また

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  1. Ich binn sooooo neidisch -.-°
    das ganze leckere Zeug Q_____Q
    aber bald können wir das alles wieder ganz oft essen XD
    ich freu mich auch Japan <3
    und immer auf deine nächsten posts XD
    ooooh kawaiiiiii <3 <3 <3 die Panda-Bento-Box >.<