August 11, 2012

Arriving in Japan ~ Kyoto Day 1

Finally my second trip to Japan has started. Today I arrived at Osaka Kansai Airport.
The Flight from Frankfurt was pretty good (nice service, good food and movies, no turbulences), so we landed sound and save.

Because my friends and I stayed in Kyoto last year, we just know how to get to our hotel. This we checked-in in the New Miyako Hotel which is directly situated behind Kyoto Station (very comfortable).
From Kansai Airport we took the 'Haruka Shinkansen' which took about 90 min. (fee: 2.980 円). But because we arrived so early we coulnd't check in at once. But that was no problem because all three of looked forward to spend at first some time in our favourite Café: Café du monde! Where we will also take our breaktfast every day ;D

Our room is also bigger than last year. Here you can take a look:

room nr. 174 (10th floor @.@)

It's really comfortable^^
And I was also looking forward to wear these Yukatas for sleeping. They are so convenient and also very good for these hot temperatures here.

Yukata with Obi and slippers

But after this long flight (almost 12 hours) we had to catch up on some sleep. So after the check-in we slept some hours. But after that everything was alright and we made us ready for going out to our nearby Shopping Mall. There we looked forward to eat again in the Food Court^__^

Food Court in the Aeon Mall

Today's decision was our favourite Udon-ya.


While my friends took their obligatory dish: rice with soy sauce and Tempura; I chose the very delicious Kare-Udon.

Kare-Soup with Udon-Noodles, spring onions and roasted onions (380 円)

That were the important things of the first day. Tomorrow we will explore Downtown Kyoto. So see ya ^__^/))

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