August 12, 2012

Kyoto Downtown ~ Day 2

Hello again^^

Today my friends and I visited Kyoto downtown. We went along the Kawarmachi-dori and strolled over the Shopping streets of Teramachi-dori and Shinkyogoku-dori. Because this streets are sheltered, it wasn't so hot there; so nice for our Shopping tour.

Teramachi- & Shinkyogoku-dori

I often saw the 'Kyo Bear', really cute especially in Yukata outfit. Maybe I will buy some stuff with it...

Kyo Bear

After shopping, I had to go over the Nishiki Market. I was really interesting in the Japanese Fresh Market. But I didn't anything, because I don't need it here or it was just too expensive.

Nishiki Market

Down the Shijo-dori we went over the Kamo-River in to the old Gion Quarter. You can really feel the old atmosphere of ancient Kyoto. We even saw some Geishas/Maikos walk along the streets^^


Of course we ate some delicious food again today.
For breakfast I had cornflakes with Matcha Soft Icecream, sooo delicious *_*

Matcha Icecream with Flakes

For onthe move I brought some buns from my favourite Backery (the melon pan was so platt when I ate it, so I didn't take a pic).

Backery 'Sizuya' & fluffy Matcha bun with red beans

At dinner my friend Kiki and I chose Yakitori from the Sukiya.

Sukiya & やきとり
Really good X3

So we walked a lot but it was a nice (and hot) day. Tomorrow I will make a guided tour through Kyoto. I will visit the Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle and Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavillon). I'm really looking forward to it^.^

See ya!

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