August 16, 2012

Arriving in Nagoya ~ Day 6

Today we arrived at our second whereabout in Japan: Nagoya.
But of course we enjoyed a great breakfast in our Café in Kyoto (for the last time *sniff*). I chose a Matcha Latte and Matcha Muffin X3

Matcha Latte & Matcha Muffin
 We went to Nagoya by the Hikari Shinkansen. This train is very cool, no comparison to the german ICE. It just looks much more faster don't you think:

Hikari Shinkansen at Kyoto Station

Like last year we had to search a bit for our hotel (though it is located near Nagoya Station). But is was really easy to oversee it because it is situated in the very big Meitetsu Building. We checked in the Meitestsu Grand Hotel:

But our room isn't as comfortable as in Kyoto. It's smaller, the fridge and the TV are smaller... eveythings smaller^^'
So we had a little problem with our luggage. I had to put my trunk next to the bathroom doorin front of the make up stand. The sleeping Yukata isn't also this nice and comfortable, it looks like Yukata in Western Style^^'

Sleeping clothes / my trunk

Of course we wanted to explore the surrounding area a bit after a little rest. Next to our hotel we found Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Loewe, Prada... in between many skyscapers. Nagoya seems to be very modern and lively.

First view over the city (from Nagoya Station)

Spiral Tower 

But we also found some nice cafés (we will try one tomorrow for breakfast of course) and a 100円-Shop. There I bought some Matcha sweets again X3

Matcha bisquits and Matcha Waffle rolls
For dinner we only bought some onigiri from a store, so nothing special.

Tomorrow we want to visit Nagoya Castle and go for Shopping in Sakae.

See ya ^-^/)) 

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