August 17, 2012

Nagoya Castle & Sakae ~ Day 7

We started the day with a visit of a new breakfast café X3
It is called 'Moriva Café', small but comfortable and also convenient for smokers. The staff can't really speak english but my japanese was good enough to get breakfast for us^^
I took a Matcha Latte and some kind of cupcake (but it was quite dry and doesn't taste much like chocolate although it looks like it).

Matcha Latte & cupcake

After breakfast we went by subway to Nagoya Castle. After my visit of Osaka Castle last year I was curious what this castle will look like. But I must say that it wasn't as impressive as Osaka Castle from the inside. But from the outside it is really beautiful.

Nagoya Castle

The gardens were also quite beautiful. But we didn't walk too much because today was so hot and sunny that we took breaks in every shadowed place (with a seating accomodation).
But when we wanted to leave, there stood a samurai at the entrance, so I had to take a photo of him^.^

samurai in front of Nagoya Castle

After this sweatening tour we stopped in the area of Sakae, a shopping district in Nagoya. We visited the Oasis 21 which looked quite modern. On the oval roof there was a shallow pool with water. From downstairs it looked like the water was floating.

roof of the Oasis 21

Downstairs we found the Nagoya Pokémon Center and a Shonen Jump Shop^^

Pokémon Center / Jump Shop

We also spend some time there to have a cold drink and wait for the sun to go down so that we needn't flow back to our hotel...
Exceptionally I enjoyed an Iced Mocca from a swiss café. Kiki prefered a milk shake from Starbucks and Lau a strawberry Kakikori.

Café Steiner / our cold drinks

For dinner we just bought something from the Lawson store again. I chose a tuna-mayo onigiri and a beef curry nikuman. Very delicous though it is cheap food^.^

Tomorrow we will make a trip to Osaka^^
Bye bye!

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