August 19, 2012

Osaka ~ Day 8

Today was not my day. The only real good thing was my Matcha Breakfast (Iced Matcha Latte with a Matcha Cake).

Iced Matcha Latte, Glas Tabelwater and Matcha Cake

For on the move I boght some buns and really delicious Matcha cookies^.^

Matcha Cookies with white cream
Then we took the Hikari Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka. First Kiki and Lau wanted to visit the shopping center 'Hep 5'', really a huge building with everything you need and a big wheel chair on its roof (we rided it last year). On our way we were asked by a nice older lady where we came from and she got quite excited when she knew we were from Germany XD it was really nice to be such an attraction *lol*
But in the Hep 5 the shopping took more time then planned, it was very boring for me and I feared that I wouldn't have enough time to explore Namba.

For the worst it started raining very heavily so the JR Osaka Loop line (which we can take for free with our Rail Pass) was cancelled (we don't understand the context). So we had to pay for the subway. The good thing was, I could chat with a japanese in the subway line^.^
He was also so nice and showed us the right exit for Sennichimae where I wanted to go. But one street I wanted to see I didn't find, the market was just closed and because of shopping hours I was pretty tired and exhausted, so it wasn't fun at all.
But the area around Dotombori (in Namba) was nice, everybody is so friendly, lively and also the guys looked good XD


Finally I could choose one restaurant for dinner (there were so many X.x). It was a small shop and we ate something for take away outside. I chose Ikayaki, grilled oktopus with omelette and sauce. It was quite delicious and guys in the shop were really funny^^ (one of them could also speak very good english). That saved my day a bit.

We get back to Nagoya quite late (first we had the idea to stop by in Kyoto for our café^^') and then we were stopped by a suspicious japanese guy who wanted to do something with us together... he looked famine and drunken, we were happy that he didn't follow us to our hotel. So today we also met many different kinds of people.

But I can say that Nagoya wasn't so excited and we are happy to leave for Tokyo tomorrow (we are invited to a party of a friend of Kiki so I guess I will blog everything special some days later ;D).

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