August 20, 2012

Arriving in Tokyo ~ Day 9

Yesterday (19.08.12) my friends and I finally arrived in Tokyo ^__^
There it is really easier to find your ways (in the stations and streets). Fortunately we remembered the way to our hotel. We are staying again in the Shiba Park Hotel.

Because we were inviting to a party by Kiki's japanese friend Aya, we just had a few ours time till she would fetch us. While Kiki and Lau were preparing themselves, I took a trip to the Tokyo International Center where a antique market was held this day. It was really nice, I liked it very much and I also bought an Obi fitting my new Yukata from Kyoto^.^

antique market at Tokyo International Center

After that I made myself also ready for the party.
First Aya took us to an Izakaya where we met four of her male friends X3 After a great dinner and lots of funny talking we strolled over to a nearby karaoke where a friend of them is working (so we get popcorn and Pommes Frites for free).
It was such a great evening! We are wondering if this can be topped (maybe next time X3).

in the Izakaya
We are looking forward to meeting them again!!!
But the next day Kiki and Lau will go shopping in the Shibuya 109 while I will take a trip to Kamakura^^

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