August 20, 2012

Kamakura walking ~ Day 10

The first thing to do today was to sleep late! It was really necessary after the last week and especially after the last night XD But after a comfortable breakfast I made my way to Kamakura alone because Kiki and Lau would go shopping in Shibuya 109 and that's nothing for me^^'

The day was sunny as it could be but it makes Kamakura look like I had imagined it. It was a small town with nice streets and houses and there many temples and shrines around the main station.
(I planned to travel by bike but I didn't find a bike-rent, only when I went to the beach at last... so I walked all the ways^^')
First I visited the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in the notheast (on my way there I bumped into the main shopping street where I got some nice souvenirs X3).

Hachimangu Shrine

After that I went to the Zeniarai Benzaiten (Shrine). Though it was nothing special^^'

Benzaiten Shrine

Of course I also wanted to see the great Buddha of Kamakura. It was really impressive although I had to pay a fee of 200 円.

Great Buddha of Kamakura
There I also tasted Soft icecream called 'purple sweet potatoe'. I couldn't imagine how such icecream would taste so I had to try it XD and it was really delicious!

my purple sweet potatoe soft icecream

Though my feet were burning (I have walked around 7 km) I had to visit the beach of Kamakura! So I took the last kilometers and breathed the air breathe of Kamakura and saw the beach with by upcoming sunset^^

Kamakura seaside

Before I went back to Tokyo I had to buy a piece of a perfect strawberry cake in a shop near the station which I left as a dessert after dinner X3

strawberry cake

So the day was really enjoyable and Kamakura is really worth a visit!

Tomorrow we will meet up with another friend of Kiki. But do we do before that? We will see XD

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