August 22, 2012

Nakano and Izakaya again ~ Day 11

On Tuesday we would met Kikis other friend Kaoru for the first time. But the meeting was planned for 18.00 h so we had think about what to do before (and not walking a marathon^^').
So the day started with the relaxing breakfast X3

my beloved Matcha Latte & toast with sirup

After that we took the JR Line to Nakano because we wanted to visit Nakano Braodway. There should be a lot of Anime stuff so we thought it was a nice difference this time. The street towards the Broadway was full of little shops and because it was sheltered it wasn't so sunny and hot there. Quite good for the currently weather.

Nakano Broadway

But the Broadway itseld wasn't that special. Just a few bookstores for mangas (though they selled really old ones - from the 80s and so on) and shops with lots of figures. But I got three artbooks from CLAMP for a good price so I was really happy^.^

my CLAMP artbooks

Finally we met up with Kaoru. She was quite nice and she made a reservation for us in an Izakaya in Shinjuku. It was really great there and the waitors were really cute^.^

Kiki, Kaoru & Lau in the Izakaya

But because of many reservations we had to leave after two ours. So we decided to have a drink nearby. Since the Karaoke on sunday Lau and I are really into Calua Milk, a delicous drink which tastes like a mild version of Bailey's^^

me & Lau with our Calua Milk

So a good day came to an end. The next day we want to meet Kikis friend Aya again and go for shopping in Harajuku.
See ya ^__^ 


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