August 23, 2012

Harajuku ~ Day 12

We wanted to meet Kikis friend Aya again today and we chose Harajuku as our meeting place. So after we slept out, had breaktfast and got dressed up, we went for a little shopping.

Before we left I deign myself a delicious afternoon snack X3

waffle with matcha and cream filling

In Harajuku we went down the Takeshita-dori. First we stopped by a shop which sells merchandise for japanese bands and musicians. We really found something from Golden Bomber there! I bought a poster, a keychain, a photo and a watch (for my kitchen *hehe*). That was quite good ^__^v

My friends had to stop also in shops like bodyline and Liz Lisa, I prefered more casual things like the big H&M. But I didn't find anything U.U

After our shopping tour Aya showed us a nice restaurant where you can enjoy different japanese noodles specialities like ramen and Yakisoba. I tasted Yakisoba with vegetables. It was very delicious though the classic one tastes better.

Yakisoba with vegetables

At last we chat with some (soft) drinks a nice family restaurant called 'Jonathan'. For 390 円 you could drink as much as you like^^
At least I show you a night view of Harajuku:

main crossing in Harajuku

The next day we will meet up with Kaoru again and go to Ikebukuro^^ 

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