August 24, 2012

Ikebukuro ~ Day 13

This day we planned to meet up with Kikis friend Kaoru again for lunch and go shopping in Ikebukuro.

Of course our day started with a nice breakfast^^

Cinnamon cup cake

In Ikebukuro we met Kaoru and her friend Eiko in time and went to the Parco Shopping Center. It was really cool there and you find shops for every fashion style. Kiki got her wanted outfit from Ma*rs, Kaoru and Eiko also find some nice clothes but I couldn't overcome myself to buy something. I found nothing in the sale and the new arrivals are just so expensive >.< (I can't buy a short skirt for around 80 Euro...)

So next we had lunch in the center. The area was called Takebukuro (nice word play I think: 'tabemasu' means 'eat' in english and of course Ikebukuro was the name of the area = tabebukuro XD).

We chose a nice shop where you could eat fried things (like ebi fried and tonkatsu). I chose tonkatsu on rice. Along with it I got green tea, miso soup, salad, a few extra vegetables and extra sesame and spices. Really a great meal for 1,080 .

tonkatsu meal

After lunch we made puriculas together. But the machine was really fast, so on some pictrues some parts of someone are missing^^'

For more shopping we went to Sunshine City (they wanted me to find some clothes, too XD). And I was really successfull. I got a long, brown dress with a suiting top (perfect clothes for the hot weather here!).

Before we had to part from Kaoru we stopped at a 'Lotteria' for a cold drink (of course I took an Iced Matcha Latte X3).

After that the three of us went for a little more shopping (oh my god X.x). Lau got another clothes and a hand bag from a sale so the day was quite successful.

But I was really happy when we arrived back at our hotel to relax and have a shower XD

On the next day a festival will take places where I would like to go and wear my new Yukata. I hope we get there and have fun^.^

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