August 24, 2012

Pokémon Center and Oedo-Matsuri ~ Day 14

Today we slept late because we hadn't to many plans. After a relaxing breakfast we wanted to visit the Pokémon Center which is situated just a 100 meters down the street from our Café.

Chocolate cookies and a scoop of Matcha icecream

Since last year not much has changed they just selled more things from the new games Black & White 2 and also things from Pokémon Conquest. But we found also older stuff. And you get really everything from Pokémon: plush-animals, chain pendants, dishes, towels, sticker, Pokeballs, stamps, pencils (actually everything for school XD) and so on. So many children were running around us and the parents tried to follow them, is was kind of cute to watch this *lol*
The funniest thing was the new design of a plush-relaxo. It was so funny because we have a catchy song of a funny pokémon video in mind and the relaxo is just perfectly matching into it *rofl*

(...) Relaxo chilled am Balkon, Pummeluff sing uns 'nen Song... XD (just kidding)

I bought some presents for a friend at home and deign myself a(nother) cookie box (just like last year^^'), But it is so cute and I can really use it after I have eaten up all the cookies (which are really delicious).

Pokémon Cookie Box

After our little shopping tour through the pokémon center we stopped again at our breakfast café for another coffee drink. So I tried the new Matcha Cream Swirkle (the advertising wassmiling at me all the time XD).

Matcha Cream Swirkle

Then we had still some hours left to get prepared for our evening plans. Lau and I wanted to visit the Oedo-Matsuri. It's traditional Bon-Odori festvial held in Hamacho Park. The access was free and I really wanted to join such a festival once. It was also my chance to try on my new Yukata I bought in Kyoto^.^
But because I did it the wrong way (I always envelop it the otherway round^^'), a kind man showed me a tent where some ladies dressed me up for free. It was really great.

Lau & I after I got dressed up

When it got dark the taiko drummers started and everybody danced on or around the stage. It was so great! But we mainly saw elder people with Yukatas which joined the dancing.

Taiko drummers and dancing

Of course you got food and drinks there and surprisingly everything was quite cheap (200). Lau and I took each a portion of Yakisoba which was quite delicious^^

Yakisoba box

The best thing of the evening was that we were asked by some elder ladies if wanted to dance on the dance. It didn't matter that we couldn't dance because they would show us. I took the chance and accompany them while Lau waited for me and took some pictures XD
It was so much fun!!! We danced to two songs and the dances were really funny^^
After that a photographer took some pictures of the whole group (I have no idea where this may be seen^^').

It was great I guess I will sleep well tonight XD
Tomorrow will be a full day again because I will visit my friend in Tokyo. I'm really looking forward to it!

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  1. Michi in deinem neuen Yukata siehst du klasse aus! Der gefällt mir echt gut, total schön *-*
    Ich hoffe ihr hattet Spaß auf dem Festival!
    Grüße aus Deutschland ^^/)))