August 28, 2012

Shinjuku ~ Day 17

Yesterday (sorry that it's always yesterday by now^^') I went to Shinjuku to visit the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building (in japanese called 'Tocho'). The main site of the Tokyo Tourism Information is situated there and they offer free guided tours through the building and to the observatory platform on the 45th floor (

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The guide could speak good english and it was really interesting. We visited the important places of the city hall and of course the council hall, it was so great!

Council Hall

From the observatory you have a great view over Tokyo. He also showed me the important buildings which could be seen from there. It is absolutely worth a visit!

view over Tokyo from the Observation platform

At 13:00 pm I had to be back in the Tourist Information Office because I had booked a guided tour through Shinjuku (it was also free, you find the tour on the homepage above). We went over the Southern Terrace of the JR station to the Takashiyama Square, quit to the south side of the station where the two (german speaking) guides showed me nice little streets with many bars and an old theatre. 

streets in Shinjuku

Of course we walked also through some main shopping streets with big department stores. Last station of the tour was the food department in the 'Isetan'. It was really impressive!

After this great toures I met up with Lau in Shibuya because we wanted to visit Tokyo Tower Records to get the Golden Bomber Best of Album in the Germany Version. We really got it but that was not the best thing for me: I also got the book of Kenji (the drummer of Golden Bomber), I'm so happy X3

Best of Obama Blog

With this a very good day ended. The next day I look forwarf to our trip to Ueno and Asakusa (I hope to get a nice family bento box there and maybe some other kitchen ware X3).
So see ya ^__^/)

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