August 29, 2012

Ueno - Asakusa ~ Day 18

Yesterday my friends and I planned to visit Ueno, a quarter with nice little streets where you can get everything. 
The day started not too early with a nice breakfast. Though Kiki and I would like to have eaten a toast with sirup, it was already sold out (kind of déjà-vu from last year...). So I tried a new combination: an almond croissant with ginger milk tea^.^

Croissant & Ginger Milk Tea

Strengthened we went by the JR Line to Ueno station. We took the way south via Okachimachi. We past the popular Ameyoko-dori, the Okachimachi-dori and some other little streets. You really can get many things from clothes, shoes and bags to fresh selled food (with fresh fish leading the way). It was nice to walk through them.

streets of Ueno
We also visited the shopping center 'Abab' in this area (but I didn't buy anything). On the main street in Okachimachi - the Kasuga-dori - we made a stop in the cheap shop 'Donki'. There you get also eveything but for real cheap prices.

After this shopping I wanted to visit the Kappabashi-dori in Asakusa so badly because it is street where they sell kitchen ware (I hoped for a new family bento box). That was really my street! So many shops with nice stuff, I really spend a lot of money there XD
I bought rice cups and spoons, a takoyaki pan and stick, a chocolate mold in panda shape and cutter for vegeatbale to make good-looking bentos^.^

But I didn't find a bento box... so have to search for it the next day >.< (some shop owner was so kind and told me about Tokyu Hands, also a big shop for kitchen ware and other things you need for daily life).

But nevertheless I call the day successful. In the evening we didn't do something special, except for start packing our luggage for our departure... this is really a challenge^^'

On the last day I plan to visit the Tsukiji Market and Ginza. And if I don't find a bento box there, I guess I will take a trip to Shibuya again... we will see. (though I have no idea where to place the bento box in my luggage, haha...)

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