August 29, 2012

Tsukiji Market & Ginza ~ Day 19

Today is our last day in Japan... But everything good must come to an end.
Though today was quite a good day. First I separate from my friends because I wanted to visit the Tsukiji Market and Ginza. The Market was a quite impressive and lively place. Mainly you get – of course – fresh fish there, but also every variation of Nori (sea weed), also pickled food and some other incredits for cooking a great fish meal. So besides food-selling stores you also find many sushi restaurants there. 
Tsukiji Market

Another speciality of this area is tamagoyaki. So you find shops which sells different kinds of tamagoyaki. I tried a piece for take-away (it cost only 100 and I love it so much X3). 

Tamagoyaki (piece)

From there I went down the big and noble shopping streets of Ginza. There you find the labels like Gucci, Armani Louis Vuitton and so on XD But also nice little shops and many afordable Cafés and restaurants. I liked the flair of the area. I also took a look through the great store Mitsukoshi. They sell almost evetything (jewelry, clothes, kitchen ware, etc.).

one main street of Ginza

For lunch break I found also a Mister Donut near the Shimbashi station. I love their variation of donuts. I took my beloved choco-coconut donut and a strawberry puffer X3

my donuts X3

From there I took the Yamanote line to Shibuya where I met up with Kiki and Lau. I wanted to search a bento box there >.<
So we visited the stores 'Loft' and 'Tokyu Hands' which offers many stuff for kitchen but I didn't find any sakura shaped bento boxes. But I bought another big one XD (quadratic shape – a picture follows later because I put it directly in my luggage)
At last we went to the Madarake shop (which sells mainly Doujinshis but also figures and some other merchandise). There I spend some money for two Detective Conan Doujis.

Some of my last peanuts I spend on the way back to our hotel in the convinience stores for some Matcha sweets. For the late afternoon I bought a Matcha Latte and Matcha bisquits X3

Matcha Latte & Bisquits

various Matcha Cookies X3

In the evening we went to our Udon shop for the last time. But this time I tried the tempura (sweet potatoe), Korokke (japanese croquette) and an onigiri (I don't know the filling but it tasted good XD).

Tempura, Korokke & Onigiri


The rest of the evening we spent with the last preparations and later Kikis friend Aya will come around for a last visit. And tomorrow we finally have to leave Japan...
But I call it a great holiday!!!

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