August 31, 2012

departure from Japan ~ Day 20

Yesterday my friends and I had to depart from Japan.
But because our flight was schedulded for 12:40 h we took breakfast together with our friend Aya in our usual breakfast Café. So I ate my sirup toast for the last time but this time together with a scoop of Matcha Icecream X3

sirup toast with Matcha Icecream

But then it was a challenge to get our luggage to the subway^^'
We took the Asakusa Subway Line as Narita Express to Narita Airpot (which takes about 90 min.).
While we were waiting for the bording to start I just strolled around the nearby shops and really found something to spend my last Yen for: Matcha KitKat (cost: 150 )

KitKat with Matcha Chocolate *_*

During the flight I spend most of the time watching movies. The choice of meals was also okay. So I photograph the menu for you (so I can say Lufthansa is nice to fly with).

menu on the flight Tokyo - Munich

So that was really the last day in Japan. It's kind of sad to be back home but Kiki and I plan just our next travel in 2013 XD
So I will be able to report new things very soon^.^

At least I show some of the things I bought in the last days but didn't pack them out (so I couldn't make pictures).

my new bento box (3.600 円)

Takoyaki pan with skewer (1.470 + 555 円)

rice bowl with layers and cap (2.100 円)

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