September 2, 2012

Matcha Cake from Kyoto

I'm back home but I saved me some Japan feeling with all the food I bought XD

So today I invited a friend and we ate the Matcha Cake I had bought in the Kyoto Handicraft Center. I must confess I was a bit excited about it (also because the cake was quite expensive^^').

The whole cake
Doesn't look very impressive, right?
I had expected more but I was enough for two persons XD 

A piece of the cake
now you can see the Matche Cream better which was really delicous, especially after putting the cake in the microwave^.^

The Cake was made of flaky pastry. Matcha Cream was filled between the sheets. I must confess it wasn't this special. The pictures in the Center looked more delicious. But after a few seconds in the microwave the cake was quite good X3 The pastry became more tasty and the cream was melting, that was great. So I don't repent of buying this cake. Along with the Sencha tea I brought with me from our hotel in Nagoya it was a nice dish and it gave me a feeling to be back in Japan.

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