September 11, 2012

enjoying japanese things in Duesseldorf

Yesterday I went to Duesseldorf again, the little Japan here in Germany.
I was so glad to get some feelings back from when I was in Japan. First I started with a nice breakfast in the Japanese backery 'Backery my heart'. I love their choice of buns and sweets. Besides my two buns for breakfast, I also bought japanese toast which I love so much. So next weekend I want to make the delicious sirup toast from Tokyo at home and some sandwiches for a bento.

my beloved Matcha Bagel (with azuki bean and mascapone filling) and a Matcha Pan (with Matcha Creme filling)

After this great breakfast I strolled through the japanese stores one after another. I started in the Takagi bookstore where I had to hold myself back from buying another bento box^^'
Next was the OCS store where there sell mainly books but also stuff like bento boxes, merchandise and food. A few meters further I recognized a store which sells japanese and korean food and kitchen ware, so I had to enter it, too^__^ 
In the end I did most of my shopping there *lol*
I bought instand Matcha Latte and packed Udon noodles which I didn't get in the asia markets and also some other things for trying some new recipes.

Dae Yang Super Market

After some unsuccessful clothes shopping and choose a nice little tempura restaurant for lunch. It was small but comfortable and the people were very nice there. It was just great to here people speaking japanese and taste one of my favourite foods: donburi! I love all kinds of these meals where variations of meat or vegetables are put on a bowl of rice X3
This time I ate chicken teriyaki don - sooo good! (plus a cup of miso soup)

The 'Don' has just a few tables inside but nevertheless it's very comfortable, clean and has a typical japanese atmosphere

chicken teryaki don - the chicken was really great and the sauce tasted so good with the meat and the rice (on top was a bit red ginger); the miso soup was inclusive; cost: 7,50 €

Furthermore I had to smile brightly when they said goodbye to me with the usual 'arigatou gozaimashta'.
Before I head back home I had to buy some take away food for dinner of course ^.~
Next to the restaurant is a delicatessen shop which sells mainly sushi but also finished bento boxes with rice and fried food and stuff like that. It isn't so cheap but it was okay. So I took a sake onigiri (with grilled salmon), some tamago nigiri (sushi with japanese omelette) and a Goma-Wakame-Salad (algae salad). The waitstuff was also so kind and gave me two maki sushi extra for a try X3 (that also made the price quite good)

Maruyasu - Delicatessen shop / my dinner X3

So except for a new handbag I didn't get any new clothes but the japanese food and shops broght me back a great feeling like being in Japan again and that was just worth the visit!

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  1. Du Glückliche ^^
    Da bekommt man ja noch mehr Sehnsucht nach Japan Q______Q
    aber schön zu lesen <3