September 18, 2012

Asia in Berlin

Hello everybody!

Since sunday I' staying in Berlin because of my master studies.
Yesterday I met up with my friend Lau to stroll a bit around the streets. And even here we found many stuff concerning Japan or other asian countries X3

First I asked her to show me the store 'Neo Tokyo', it's a shop which sells German Manga and Animes but also japanese and korean CDs, magazines, artbooks and some clothes and little merchandise. It was nothing special but I wanted to be there just once.

Neo Tokyo store

After that we went for lunch to a nice vietnamese restaurant. It looked pretty good and there works a really cute waitor (the main reason we went there XD).

vietnamese restaurant 'Good Morning Vietnam'

I forgot the name of my dish but it consisted of tofu, sweet potatoes and vegetables (paprika, onions, carrots and caulitflower) in a spicy sauce with curry and coconutmilk and of course some rice. So delicious!

my lunch with a glas of lotus tea

From there we went via 'Hackescher Markt' and passed by some ohter good looking korean and japanese restaurants. This area was quite nice X3
In the 'Hackeschen Höfe' we found a shop which sells stuff from Japan and China by accident. The variety of things was quite good: tea, tableware, bento boxes (X3), clothes, fans, wine and some other stuff. They also sell some Yukatas and they were exactly the same as in the Kyoto Handicraft Center! So I also found the Yukata I had bought there O.o
Really interesting.

japanese/chinese shop in the 'Hackeschen Höfe'

Lau also wanted to show an asian supermarket nearby. I was quite impressed because you get nearly everything so it's not like the asian supermarkets in my area. This one also offers many japanese and korean stuff for example the okonomiyaki or tonkatsu sauces I can only buy in Duesseldorf (but there weren't any things with matcha *sniff*)

asian supermarket near the station 'Hackescher Markt'

So I got a bit jealous^^'
We also bought a little snack there. It's called Kanom Pea. It is a Thai dessert consisting of a kind of flaky pastry (made with coconut milk) with a sweet mung bean filling. It was quite delicious but also made us very sated (we ate three pieces each).

Kanom Peas

Because today was a japanese holiday I also wanted to make some japanese dish for dinner. So I prepared everything for Yakisoba. It was my first time to make it but I think I did pretty well^^ (but I forgot to take a photo >.<)
So it was again a day full of memories from Japan and I also tasted some nice food from other asian countries.

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  1. Ahaaaaa~ jetzt wissen wir was das für Gebäck war! Thailändisch also~ man lernt nie aus XD
    Aber drei davon waren eindeutig zu viel XD
    ich war den ganzen Abend noch satt XXDDD
    bye <3