September 20, 2012

Japanese Crêperie in Berlin

Hello everybody^^/

Yesterday I met with Lau again because we wanted to go to a Crêperie which sells Crêpes in japanese style here in Berlin. So we met at the station 'U Eberswalder Straße' and walked down the 'Pappelallee' to get there.

It is a nice little shops with just a few tables but very comfortable. I liked it at once. Like in Japan crêpes replicas were put in the shop window, that was cool^^

the shop from the outside

The choice of crêpes is also great, I could hardly decide XD
Choice of the day became a strawberry cheesecake crêpe (really with a piece of cheesecake inside X3). But I cancelled the cream >.< so the waitor asked if I would like to have something else for a substitute. So I got also some chocolate sauce on it X3 (and in the end I got the crêpe 50 Cent cheaper, so nice!)
Along with it I drank my beloved Matcha Latte X3 but they had also other cool drinks like Ginger Latte or Raspberry Latte (which Lau chose).

Strawberry cheesecake crêpe with Matcha Latte
the counter inside the shop

At least I can say that everything was delicous, the atmoshere is nice and the Café ist very comfortable. The prices are good, the waitor was very kind and courteous, so it was worth the trip^^
Unfortunately there's hardly something else interesting around there, so the location is a bit bad.

I also took a flyer from the crêperie where you can see most of the crêpe variety, the address and a little location plan^^

front & back side of the flyer

Bye bye!

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