September 30, 2012

Pokémon Day 2012 in Oberhausen

Hello everybody!

Yesterday the Pokémon Day Tour in Germandy ended in Oberhausen. The city is quite nearby my hometown, so my friend Ray and I decided to visit it like we did the last view years.

In the area you have some stations where you can fullfill a kind of parcour. If you manage every station you win a price. But the line for the registration went around the whole plaza (so we never participated). But most of the visitors were really still kids, I guess they only know the Pokémon Black & White Games.
So Ray and I just took a look around, download the two special Pokémon which were available this time and then went for a nice lunch XD

But I guess for the kids it's still great to participate on a Pokémon Day. There were a stage where a special programm was held. On the opposite there were a Quiz Corner where you could also win some prices if you could answer the questions of the moderators. You also got the posibility to borrow a Nintendo 3DS for the time of the Pokémon Day to test it. The crew had even a Pokémon Car and a kind of karavan. As every year we saw some Pokémon Cosplayers (in the afternoon there were also a Cosplay competition) but I think it becomes less every year.

Here are some impressions:

The stage at a time when no program was going on

The crowd in front of the stage

The Quiz Corner: The moderators asked some questions

 The Pokémon Day Car

But I guess Ray and I looked more forward to our lunch in the nearby asian restaurant 'Wok'n Grill' XD
It's so delicious there. They offer meals from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam, they have a wide variety of meals. I chose Tofu in a Curry-Coco-Creme Sauce with rice. So good X3

my dish along with a ginseng-ginger-tea

the restaurant from the inside

But I can say we had a good day^^
See ya!

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