October 14, 2012

BookFair Frankfurt 2012

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to the Book Fair in Frankfurt and it was really interesting!
There I met up with my friend Lynn from Stuttgart and we enjoyed a nice day together.

But I arrived first and had some time to overcome. So first I strolled through Hall 8.1 where foreign countries presented their books and culture. In this hall you found most of the east asian countries: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. But also Kanada, Belgium, Netherlands and some other countries.

Of course I was very interested in the japanese and korean stands X3

Directly at the entrance, there was the stand of the Japan Foundation of Frankfurt. They offered many information material, very nice!

On the other side they displayed japanese books from every kind of section, f. e. cooking, comics, landscape, japanese language, samurai, gardens, ikebana and also novels. 

Some steps further followed some other stands from Tokyo...

... and childrens' books. They were very cute X3 Of course there I found also mangas and artbooks.

Directly behind Japan followed the korean stands. There I was lucky and bumbed into a reading of a buddhist woman. That was really interesting!

First she offered bambus tea and sesame pastries. She was very friendly and open-minded.
Her two german collegues read from two books about an old korean story of a great buddhist monk from her hometown. 

Korea had also a great area in the hall. You find every kind of book there and could look inside. Unfortunately you weren't allow to buy something >.<

Finally Lynn called me and I walked a last round through the hall passed by Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

The Taiwan stand also looked very inviting^^

Just a view over the chinese area.

In the inner yard of the halls I met up with Lynn. The weather was nice so it was good to spend some time outside, the air in the halls were getting sticky by the time.

From there you had a good look over the New Zealand Pavillon. New Zealand was the host country this year. So the main attention was paid to the new book and film 'The hobbit', you saw it almost everywhere.

The New Zealand Pavillon in the middle of the inner yard.


A wall from Harper Collins in Hall 8.0.

A really HUGE poster of The Hobbit in front of hall 3. It was a good meeting point for us *lol* 

After a little break Lynn and I decided to went through hall 3.1 because we got coupons from some publishers which we wanted to redeem. I got a nice bag from Droemer.Knaur^^

I got a crimi book, an apple juice and a 'Knoppers' (which I have eaten before taking the photo).

The stand of Droemer.Knaur was also very impressive. A wall like a semicircle out of many books. Really cool and the perfect place for an author discussion^^

The hall was more crowded than 8.1 because there were many interesting themes and publishers. Here are some views through the hall:

"Reading is Living"

view from the entrance
In Hall 3.1 there was also an area called 'Gourmet Gallery' and an area called 'Tourist Gallery' which I wanted to visit! The Gourmet Gallery was so great *_*

There were different decorated tables

I myself own this cooking book! I was so fascinated because it is my favourite one! I can really recommend it, the best thing ever!

I also own this indian vegetarian cooking book. So I felt kind of happy to see some of my beloved books there X3
Of course it was my favourite table with the rice and asian spices on it^.^

In the corner we saw also an open kitchen where front cooking was presented the whole day. But when we were there, it was just 'cooking with children' so it was not so interesting for me^^'

the open kitchen
Another curious thing was a huge cooking pot, so funny^^

me in front of the pots^^

On the way back to the exit we strolled through the 'Tourist Galley'. Main part of it were stands from Tibet which offered mainly buddhist journeys.
But there were also stands with funny world maps and very nice globes.

a funny map of my home area^_^
After that we were happy to get out of it because it was so warm and sticky in the hall...
Back in the inner yard I met also my friend kirschu and Lynn met some of her friends, too. After some chatting Lynn and I wanted to take at least a look through the Cosplay Corner, but I didn't bought anything.

view over the Cosplay Corner

Outside again we just spend the last our with some friends again in between the crowd of Cosplayers.

the cosplayers outside

 Finally Lynn and I had to depart for our busses. But it was a very nice day and the book fair is absolutely worth a visit! Though I would like to visit it on sunday next time because on sunday you can buy the books (I don't know why it isn't allowed to sell them before).

But I got some info material about Japan, that's so great^.^

information about Japan, Tokyo, a Tokyo map, Ikebana and a flyer from the stand of Hong Kong

That was my day in Frankfurt. I guess I will be there next year, too. ^__^

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