October 23, 2012

Game Fair & Korean Dinner

Hi there^^

Last sunday my friend Ray and I went to the Game Fair in Essen. It was really huge and you found every kind of game there: parlour games, videogames, trading card games, but also books, clothes and dvds, especially in the Fantasy Hall. There was also a great area for comics where you could also find mangas and merchandise.

The entrance of the Fair Hall

But the area für trading cards was really huge. Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! had their own areas where you could buy cards and play against each other.

The Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card areas

Special for me was the large amount of Star Wars. I love Star Wars and surprisingly I saw it everywhere! Books and figures were mainly to be seen and I couldn’t help but buy a special collection^.^

But the best thing was a moving R2-D2 in original size! So cute X3 The cardboard standup of Darth Maul was also cool.

Darth Maul & R2-D2

We took a rest in a connecting corridor where a stand of HARIBO (a firm which produces/sells wine gum) was located. On a long table every kind of Haribo wine gum was offered. After looking to long at it, Ray finally had to buy some *lol*

Ray at the exceptionally empty Haribo stand and her purchase XD

But it was interesting to watch the people at the stand and which were passing by through the corridor. Some of them had such large bags with them or even a trolley bag.
In one hall we also found some funny korean games. One named 'ChopChop' was about getting plastic fruits with chopsticks out of a bowl XD


After a few ours Ray and I finally left the Fair. It was nice and maybe next year we go there again.

But this wasn’t the end of the day! Close to the fair hall a Korean restaurant is located, so we took the chance to taste it^^
The restaurant ‘SaRangBang’ looked really nice from the out- and inside. They even had little birds in a cage and two turtles in a aquarium (our table was directly next to it, the turtles were so cute^.^). It was very comfortable.

Korean restaurant SaRangBang

The menu is not so large but the offer is still quite good and the prices are normal. Ray chose baked chicken with sweet and sour sauce, I wanted to taste vegetarian Bi bim bab (vegetables made and served in a special pot) but it was sold-out (I am cursed… T.T). So I tried the chicken curry. Of course both got along with a pot of rice^.~
And it was so delicious! I couldn’t expect how the curry would taste because I always eat Thai or Indian curry but it was great and really not so fatty.

our dinner X3
So I can really recommend the restaurant!
This was also the perfect end of a nice day.

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  1. yeah~ du trägst das "I prefer the drummer" shirt ! Steht dir gut das coole Top mit dem eleganten Cardigan!
    Und *o* R2D2 <3 <3 <3
    so viel STAR WARS XD cool