November 16, 2012

My Birthday Japanese Style X3

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was my birthday and wanted to celebrate in Duesseldorf before celebrating in my birthday at my home. Unfortunately almost no one had time this weekend in the end...
But nevertheless two friends and I had much fun^o^

We started with an obligatory visit in the OCS store and the Takagi Bookstore. Kirschu and I found some magazines we bought and also a cute mould for Taiyaki which is made for microwave using. I'm looking forward to try it out! We also made purikuras in the new machine in the OCS.

I bought the new 'Oggi', a 'Come' from 2011 and the taiyaki mould
After that we had an onigiri as a snack for lunch in the Waraku next to the OCS store. I tried shrimps-mayo this time, it was really good X3

We also strolled through the Dae Yang supermarket nearby. I wanted to look for misopaste and Matcha Latte. But they had also so cute porcelain, I had nearly bought some bowls, but I don't need new ones, so I didn't. I could also bought many sweets and stuff but most things are in the freezer so it would be silly to walk around with it and my own freezer is also full at the moment^^'

After that the orignal plan was to visit a karaoke bar but with just three people it wasn't so good we thought, so we went for a little shopping instead. Quite unusually I bought many things in the H&M store O.o

For a little break we stopped by my favourite café - Tenten Coffee X3
This time I chose a white chocolate mocha - it was very good! - together with a filled chocolate donut.

my friends Silvia & Kirschu in the Café
I used the chance and change my clothes in to the new ones from H&M, because we decided to go for a second visit in the OCS store to take purikuras again XD After we made pictures in both machines we had finally enough purikuras *lol* but it was really fun^^ (besides in duesseldorf is the only chance in Germany to make one)

Then it was time to fetch my birthday cake from the japanese backery 'backery my heart'. We got really excited but we had to keep it safe till midnight X3

For 6 o'clock I had reserved a table in the korean restaurant Seoul, we looked really forward to it. As expected the meals were super delicious again!
This time I tried Bi Bim Bab: beef meat and spicy vegetables on rice made in a stone pot. Silvia chose duck with vegetables and curry sauce and Kirschu Tofu with vegetables. The dishes get along with the classic korean starters like Kimchi, tofu with chili, yellow radish and some other spicy vegetables. So great!

the starters and my bamboo tea

Bi Bim Bab

our dishes
This was a perfect end for our duesseldorf trip. But finally we returned home - time for some drinks! Kirschu brought a bottle of sparkling wine with her and I had bought a bottle of Bailey's (with a hint of caramel). So we spend the evening with drinking and watching funny (Golden Bomber) Videos *lol*

At midnight finally my birthday arrived! And I could cut the cake^.^
So take a look:

step 1:

the transport bag

step 2:

the cake in its box

 step 3:

the whole cake & my piece of cake^.^

The cake was soooooo delicious, I was so happy my friends had bought it for me^___^
And I really love the badge of sugar with my name written in Katakana on it.
Because we were just three I coulde take half of the cake with me to my mother in the afternoon and have the taste of twice X3


My collegues also know my passion for Japan and so one of my best collegues gave me some gifts with pandas on it, so cute X3

all the presents which awaited me in my office

the panda birthday card

the panda puppet
it has a grain pillow in its stomach to get warmed up in the microwave ~ it's for warming up my cold hands XD 

I'm so greatful for all the stuff and the nice time I spend with my friends and that everyone supports my passion for Japan!

Mina, arigatou!

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  1. ich ärgere mich schon ein bisschen, dass ich nicht dabei war ... ~ha ha ha -.-°
    ihr habt so viele tolle Sachen gegessen und gemacht <3
    mag auch eure puris gerne XD hab sie ja bei facebook gesehen!