December 13, 2012

Is it already christmas?!

Yesterday I thought 'hey, is it already christmas day?' because when I came back to my office, I found a red box on my desk. It was from a collegue who I don't have to deal with much, so I was wondering.
Inside the box was a beautiful paper fan with a bamboo pedestal. It was a japanese original from Kyoto! I was so surprised and happy!
On the attached message the collegue told me that she found the box during tidying up her christmas decoration *lol* She would have disposed it but she knows (I don't know from whom O.o) that I love Japan and Japanse things so she offered it to me. It really felt like the first present for christmas. I didn't know how to thank her T^T

both sides of the fan on its pedestal

Isn't it beautiful *_*
It also cuts a nice figure besides my geisha^.^

geisha and fan on my sill
Now it's standing on the windowsill in my office between my geisha and cherry blossoms^.^

Like you can see on the picture above it was snowy outside. That's what supported my feeling of christmas because on that day we had the first real snow. That made me so happy *_*
At home I had to take a picture of the garden.

view from my kitchen window over the garden

Because of that great day I liked to make something asian for dinner which suits this nice winter day. So I made a 'noodle soup with [vegetarian] beef' (other incdredits were green beans, onions, green onions and iceberg salad).

noodle soup with beef

That was my day^^
And I can still look forward to Christmas XD

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