December 16, 2012

NOOSOU ~ asian restaurant/take away


Last friday I went with my collegue to Essen again for the last christmas shopping. But first we went to the asian supermarket at the edge of the inner city. It is a great shop with food, kitchenware, clothes, furniture and some merchandise. It's simply called 'Asia Center'. I go there quite often because it is the cheapest shop around here.
Though this time I just some Tofu and sweet potatoes (there they are cheaper than in normal supermarkets), chinese noodles and fortune cookies.
Because of the bad weather I couldn't make photos >.< (I hope next time!)

After I got what I needed we went to the asian restaurant 'NOUSOU' (= Noodles & Soup). It's a little shop with self-service so it has much of a snack bar which it makes also the prices quite good. But they offer many asian meals: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Iindonesian and Japanese. After the order you get a beeper which vibrates when you meal is ready and you can get it.

the beeper

I chose the 'Vegetarian Curry of the Buddhists'. It was a cocnut-curry with different vegetables, potatoes and tofu and of course with rice. It was really good^^

Vegetarian Curry

fortune cookie

My fortune cookies told me "Everybody admires you because of your ideas". I must say this could be true. I hope it will really stay this way especially in my job^^

The interior was very simple but quite nice. So the restaurant is a good chance to taste an asian meal.

I like the buddha statue^^

the counter

So it is worth another visit^^

view from the outside

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