January 28, 2013

Japanese film week in Duesseldorf

From the 18th January till 27th Janury the 7th film week was held in Duesseldorf. Every day Japanese movies were shown in Japanese language with ger or eng subtitles. It's a coorporation of the city of Duesseldorf, its film museum and the Japanese consulate-general in Duesseldorf. The entrance is free, though the cinema called "Black Box" in the film museum is rather small, just 134 people fit it, so you had to be early to get a ticket.

So I decided to go to Duesseldorf on saturday and hoped for watching the movie at 18 pm.

But first I went to Duesseldorf for dinner. Because my favourite restaurants were all full of people, I went to my favourite Korean restaurant 'Seoul' for lunch. I had a lunch menu constisting of 'Bulgogi' (stewed beef marinated in soy sauce with onions), different starter plates and a spring roll. It was all sooo delicious, I really love Korean food X3

spring roll with marinade

starters (pickled vegetables, Kimchi, marinated tofu & sweet potatoes)

Bulgogi & a cup of rice

Besides I saw an interesating label at the door of the toilettes^^

It's true, isn't it?!

After that I strolled through the Japanese stores, of course the OCS store and the Takagi Book Store, but I didn't buy anything. At Takagi they had new Bento boxes but I couldn't bear to spend so much money for it... *sigh*
I also made a stop at the Backery my Heart and got the last Matcha Bagel X3

I also spend some time in Ho's Supermarket for the first time. It is large asian supermarket. It has really a great variety of products, also fresh vegetables and frozen stuff. I got really cheap tofu there and a package of instant Matcha Ginger Latte. I love Matcha Latte and I love Ginger Latte, so I'm really exciting how Matcha Ginger Latte will taste *_*
On the first floor I found some kitchen ware and decoration stuff. I looked really nice.

the supermarket from the outside

view from the first floor

Finally I made my way to the film museum but I was too early, so I walked a bit along the riverside of the Rhein. Though the weather was misty, the town looked kind of beautiful.

view to the left

view to the right

At 5 pm I finally arrived at cinema. It was still early but so I waited in front of the line, till we could get the tickets and inside the cinema (entrance was half an hour before the film started). So I got a good place.

film museum

Black Box entrance

In the entrance hall were also some information material laid out for free take away. Of course there were also some movie posters and pieces of information about the Japanese movies.

feed time of two movies

information material

film week flyer and my entrance ticket

Before the movie started, an employee from the consulate-general said some words about the film and the coorporation for the film week.
Then the movie started. I watched 'Aragami', a modern samurai movie by KITAMURA Ryuhei. It's about the psychological diskussion of the two samurai and their final fight against each other. It was dramatic but also with funny moments and the fight and the dialogue was really well made! Here is the english description from wikipedia: Aragami - Wiki

So I can say it was a great a day and the movie was worth its visit. I hope to see more from the film week next year ^__^ 

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