January 18, 2013

お弁当 ~ Bento for work


Lately I have fun to make bentos for lunchtime at work, so I want to show them to you.
Last week I've made a green salad with red paprika, carrots and clementines which was perfekt for a bento. Along with it I've made a (Korean) sweet-sour chili-dressing.


Then I had a rest left from a delicious pumpkin-coconut-curry and some rice, so I put it in the upper tier of my bento box and tada, a good lunch was ready for take-away^^

bento #1

The other day I took the rest of the salad for the under tier and left some vietnamese cooked vegetables (paprika, carrots & broccoli) and rice noodles. It was also quite good^^

bento #2

It's perfect for lunchtime at work. So I plan to make a Bento more often now^^

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