January 4, 2013

Happy New Year ~ あけましておめでとう

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 is over now but I spent the last days of the year together with my friends and we had some good last days in 2012 ^__^

First we excahnged some christmas/birthday presents. Everyone was so happy about Kirschu's presents: She made necklaces for everyone of us with a picture of our favourite member of Golden Bomber X3

the necklace with the picture of Kenji

On the 30th December we spent the day at home, so I could cook some dishes for everyone X3
For coffee time I baked an Oreo-Cheesecake. My friend Lau also bought some muffins which were made by her niece.

Oreo-Cheesecake & Muffins
For dinner I prepared Japanese dishes: Takoyaki (octopus balls), Teriyaki Turkey and Chirashi Zushi (sushi rice with different vegetables). Unfortunetaly the making of the Takoyaki didn't work, we couldn't turn around the balls >.< so made pancakes out of the daugh^^'
But the meat and the rice were super!

Takoyaki & Teriyaki Turkey on the Teppan
Chirashi Zushi

On the next day we took a trip to Duesseldorf. After a little, successful shopping tour through the city we went to the Japanese stores. We bought some things in the Dae Yang supermarket and finally visited the OCS store. (unfortunately the Japanese backery was closed this day U.U)

I bought the new Oggi magazine and some sticker (in form of sweets X3). We also made Purikuras two times.

Kirschu & Lau at the Purikura machine

At 14.00 pm the store already closed because it was New Year's Eve. So we went to our favourite Café: The Tenten Coffee

For dinner I made a traditional Japanese dish: Soba noodles (symbol for having a long life) with vegetables and tofu
It was really good^^ 

After the party we started our fireworks at midnight to welcome the new year.


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  1. Danke für die schöne Zeit <3
    und für das tolle Essen XD <3 <3 <3
    du bist die beste !!!