February 15, 2013

Japanese feeling in Berlin

Hello everyone^__^/

Last weekend I went to Berlin to visit friends of mine. Because in Berlin you find everything I searched the internet for some asian culturel events. So I got to know about the museum of asian arts. I used my free friday for a visit because my friend where I stayed had to work this day.

Fee was 6,- € but not only for the museum of asian arts, the whole complex consists of three museums (also a european and ethnology part), so it was okay. The other two parts weren't so interesting, just sculptures without any intesting information, I was a bit disappointed about it.

But the asian exhibition was quite nice^.^
One floor was about Central Asia (mainly India, Nepal, Afgahnistan), here are some impressions:

Nepal exhibition hall

India exhibition hall

On the other floor were Chinese, Japanese and Korean paintings and pottery exhibited. Everything there looked so beautiful! I was really impressed. It was also contemporary art but if I hadn't known I had expected it to be very old. It is still very traditional^^

Here are some impressions:

Chinese folding screen

Japanese folding screen

Korean pottery

Japanese wallscroll

Japanese sake set
Japanese pottery


The best was an imitation of a traditional Japanese tea house. A tea ceremony is sometimes held in the museum. It looked great:

outside view
view in the inner room

So I can say the museum for asian art is worth a visit^^

But my Japanese culture trip wasn't over yet. After my visit to the museum I met up with a friend and we decided to have dinner in an Udon restaurant which I haven't known so far. The 'Susuru' is a modern restaurant which only sells Udon noodle soup and some starters like edamame and Gyouza.
We took a serving of edamame together and for the main dish I chose Ebi Gyouza Udon. It was served with Wakame (sea weed), spring onions and Shitake (mush rooms) besides of course some Ebi Gyouza. It was really delicious!

salted edamame

Ebi Gyouza Udon
inside the restaurant

The next day my two friends and I planned to go to another Japanese restaurant for dinner^.^
It is called 'Makoto', it is mainly a Ramen restaurant but it also serves some kinds of Yakisoba and Donburi (and of course some typical starters). I was really looking forward to a Donburi because I love this Japanese dish so much. Just some delicious cooked vegetables and meat on a bowl of rice, there's nothing better X3
So I decided for 'Tori-Katsudon', breaded chicken with omelette on rice. Sooooo good!

I can recommend both restaurants. Both restaurants can be easily reached from 'Alexanderplatz'. The prices are also normal (6~9 Euro).
They are as good as the restaurants in Duesseldorf. So I'm happy to know good Japanese restaurants everywhere I go X3


  1. Jetzt hab ich Hunger. XD
    Die Sachen aus dem Museum schauen aber toll aus. :D

  2. Oh das Museum sieht wirklich interessant aus :O
    Und das restaurante echt schnuckelig!