March 2, 2013

Travel Fair with Korean dinner


Yesterday I went to the Travel Fair in Essen with my collegue. Because we're are both interested in travelling (although in different ways XD), we took our time in the afternoon. 12 halls full of travelling stuff: international, travelling in Germany, cycling and camping. I was just interested in the international hall and some parts of travelling in Germany. 'Host country' was 'Metropolis Ruhr', it's my home area^^
It's stand was very interesting. Here you can see my area:

map of the 'Ruhrgebiet'

Unfortunately most of the international was about Skandinavia and Camping. But nevertheless I found some informations material about travels to Asia^^v
It really want to make me travel NOW! They offer great trips to Japan and South Korea but also India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, China, ... XD

some of my prospectus'

The fair closed at 6 pm. Perfect time to go for dinner. Beforehand we decided to go the Korean restaurant 'Sarang Bang' (where I also went after the Game Fair) because it is just around 50 m away^^
It also made me glad because March 1st is a holiday in Korea (so I like to eat Korean food on those days).
It was greater than ever! I really love this restaurant. The owners are very kind and the food is really great. We stayed there a few hours till we had to take the last metro. For the first time I got a table in the back chamber. It also looked really nice.

really nice ceiling, isn't it?^^

This time I tried many new things. For a change I didn't order a main dish but two starters instead: the 'Sarang Band roll' (fried mincemeat roll) and a sprouts salad. My collegue decide for the chicken with vegetables.

Sarang Bang rolls with soy sauce dip
warm sprouds salad
chicken with vegeatable, rice and tea

We also tried some desserts. For a long time I finally tried baked pine-apple with honey again, it was quite good. My collegue chose vanilla ice cream with fresh fruits, hot raspberries and cream.

We talked so long that we also tried some of the special drinks/desserts. So I ordered cherry blossom tea with liquor, it was amazing *_* (à la carte it is served with cream but I didn't want it)
My collegue chose the 'Café Brasil', coffee with mokka liquor and ice cream. Really cool^^

warm cherry blossom tea^.^

Atfer the drinks we finally made our way home. Unfortunately we missed the last train^^' So we had to walk to Essen mainstation which took a little over half an our and then go by bus with also took double of the time we would have needed by train^^'
But I arrived savely at home and nevertheless it was a great day^.^

Now I have even more longing for my travels to Japan and South Korea X3

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