March 6, 2013

Hina Matsuri ~ ひなまつり

On the 3rd of March the so called Hina Matsuri (Girls' Feast) is celebreated in Japan. It's not an offical holiday (like the Boys Feast >.<) but it's an old tradition for girls, so it's still celebrated in families with daughters. 

This day the girl have to prepare her feast puppets.

Puppets on their tiers

On the surpreme tier sit the emperor and the empress. On the lower ones follow their court. It is said when the girls forget to stow away the puppets over the night from the 3rd to 4th March they won't marry this year.

Feast always get along with special food. On hinamtsuri the girls got many sweets like special rice cracker or mochi. Unfortunately I couldn't make some but nevertheless felt like making some girlish sweets that day^.^

So I made pink coloured muffins with pink and violet sugar toppings. It looked like this:


They are made with strawberry or blueberry taste, the icing is also with that taste (that's why it is wether pink or violet^^), plus some sugar pearls or hearts in pink, rosé and white. I couldn't think of more girly and pink design *lol* 
And they tasted good^-^
I took them to my office and gave them to my female collegues. It was nice X3

So let's see what comes to mind my mind on the next feast XD

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  1. ooooh, die sehen lecker aus XD und so piiiink <3

    bei diesem Mädchen-Fest mit den Puppen muss ich wirklich IMMER an die alte Pokémonfolge denken ^^° "Das Prinzessinnenfest" hieß die XD und Misty erzählt, wie sie immer nur die alten Puppen ihrer Schwestern bekommen hat und Jessi hatte gar keine Puppen als Kind ... sorry, dass ich dich hiermit volltexte XD aber das war wirklich das erste mal, dass ich damals von diesem japanischen Fest gehört habe XXDDD
    In der folge fänge Jessi Schlurp XP~ hahaha