March 10, 2013

CLAMP showcase

Two weeks ago I had bought a new showcase for my mangas and finally yesterday I placed things in. I bought that showcase specially for my mangas and stuff from my favourite mangaka CLAMP ^__^
So now I have everything together presented in one place: manga, artbooks, postcards, plush toys and other merchandise.

Here it is:

the filled showcase

Of course my Mokona plush is sitting on top XD
It also fits perfect next to my bed over which my xxxHolic wallscroll hangs.

wallscroll & showcase

For the closer look:

left: the three top layers; right: the three bottom layers

layer #1: Artbooks & merchandise
layer #2: postcards and Magic Knight Rayearth Artbook 1 as background, CLAMP in 3D Land figures
layer #3: postcards and Magic Knight Raysearth Artbook 2 as background, the oldest manga series (like Clamp School detectives, RG Veda, Clover, Wish & Magic Knight Rayearth)
layer #4: Card Captor Sakura layer XD with Artbooks as background, manga, The Clow Book, Plush toys, also Chobits and Angelic Layer
layer #5: X (manga, artbooks & postcards), Lawful Drug, Gate 7
layer #6: xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoire Chronicle (with Artbooks and character guides)

1 comment:

  1. Wow!
    Echt eine bemerkenswerte Sammlung! Du hast ja echt alles zu CLAMP oder?
    Da kannst du echt stolz drauf sein!

    Lg, Rave